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They were like Gods to us. Our protectors. Our creators. Those who gave us purpose...

Seam on Lightners

Lightners are people (both humans and monsters) that exist in the real world, as opposed to the Darkners that inhabit the Dark Worlds. All Lightners depicted so far live in Hometown.

Unlike in Undertale, in which humans and monsters show fundamental differences, Lightners of both kinds possess the universal qualities of a SOUL, and according to Queen, the power of determination and the ability to create Dark Fountains. Apart from physical appearance, the difference between humans and monsters in Deltarune is as yet unknown.


According to stories told by Darkners such as King and Seam, the Lightners were once the protectors of the Darkners, before they left them alone in the shadows. Seam explains that Lightners were seen as the "Gods", "protectors", "creators" and "those who gave [Darkners] purpose". One day however, the Darkners were locked away in the Dark World, and the Lightners were never seen by them again. During the final battle with King, King rants about how the Lightners abandoned him and his kingdom, and how he hates them all. King then goes on to say that the Knight has provided the purpose that the Lightners took from the Darkners, and that with the Knight, King will take revenge on the Lightners that abandoned him.

Known Lightners[]


  • In the Undertale 6th anniversary stream, Toby Fox revealed that he considered making everyone in the Light World humans, only to become monsters in the Dark World.[1]
  • Lightners, unlike Darkners, appear in black and white in their dialogue portraits.
  • In the Dark World, monster Lightners can use magic. As allies, Susie and Noelle can use magic to perform spells that does extra damage (via "Rude Buster" and "IceShock"), or heal a party member (via "UltimateHeal" and "Heal Prayer".) Although not a playable character and not being able to cast spells with, Berdly can summon miniature tornadoes, and use his halberd to attack with a line of scattered arrow bullets.
    • However, Kris, a human Lightner, cannot cast magic, but can ACT instead.


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