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(It's what they call "you.")

When inspecting a mirror in Chapter 2.

Kris is the main protagonist of Deltarune and presumably, the human Hero of Light of the Prophecy. In a Dark World, they function as the party's leader. Kris excels at ACTing in battles, and wields a sword that can transform into a shield when DEFENDing.

Kris is controlled by the player for the majority of the game. The few exceptions are brief cutscenes, or when they tear the SOUL out of their body.



Kris is a teenage human who has no stated gender, and is referred to by others with singular "they/them" pronouns.[1] Kris has an amber skin tone and messy, shoulder-length dark maroon hair. They wear a long-sleeve lime shirt with one horizontal yellow stripe, and nondescript pants and shoes. One of Kris's distinct traits is that their long bangs cast a shadow that hides the upper half of their face. In the brief moments they tear the SOUL out of their body, their red eyes can glow in the dark. One of their red eyes is also visible for a few frames when they descend into a Dark World.

In a Dark World, Kris's entire appearance transforms, making them resemble a knight. Kris dons silver armor: shoulder pauldrons, cuirass, gauntlets, and boots. They wear a navy blue bodysuit underneath the set, and a pink cape drapes across their right shoulder. Finally, Kris's skin changes to cyan, and their hair transits to navy. The shading for their skin is also used for their cape, giving the illusion of blue stripes in a few of their sprites.

To the player, Kris consistently has a neutral expression. They seemingly stand straight during the majority of non-scripted actions.[2] Kris's expressions and movement are visible when they remove or have removed the SOUL.


During the events of Deltarune, Kris is mentioned to be an introvert.[3] Susie and King refer to Kris as a "quiet person," and Noelle is astonished if they converse about "anything."[4] After Kris's brother, Asriel, left for college, they are distant from their few friends. Kris's side of their shared bedroom is also strikingly bare. The shared game console is underneath Asriel's bed, and their old children's books are in Toriel 's classroom instead. Toriel has also mentioned that Kris is not normally energetic.[5] They have a history of not waking up on time, and often slept through the start of class.[6] Kris also preferred their mother driving them to and from school than walking.[7]

Contrary to Kris's apparent detachment, they do have a variety of interests. Kris has always been mischievous, pulling dark pranks such as covering themselves in ketchup and claiming it was blood. For example, Kris has the option to keep flushing the toilet before or after going to school, with Toriel replying: "You did not put a bath bomb in the toilet again, did you?"

Kris enjoys playing the piano. Prior to the game, they frequently played the hospital piano, despite it "missing most of the good keys."[8] They have searched for tutorials to improve,[9] and Red Big Mouth believes they can play the hospital piano "beautifully."

When younger, Kris studied the occult with Catti.[10] They appear to still have an interest in this topic, as one of their search queries was "how to use magic."

At the end of Chapter 1, Red Big Mouth and Toriel both comment on Kris's physical appearance. They cite that Kris seems "a little sick" and does "not look quite yourself" respectively. It is implied the SOUL is the reason, though the exact cause is unknown. Notably, Kris wants to be perceived as "normal" despite Toriel's concern.[11]

Kris is shown to have a significant amount of agency outside of the player's choices. This is most clearly shown in scenes where Kris rips the SOUL out of their body, but also in how characters react to Kris's dialogue choices: occasionally, the player may choose an option that other characters note sounds like Kris is straining to say. Kris is also shown performing actions independently of the player's control, including protecting Susie from King or awkwardly trying to escape the Sweet Cap'n Cakes fight with Ralsei and Susie, showing their friendship with the two exists outside of the player's influence. Additionally, there are some instances in Chapter 2 where Kris stops inspecting something relating to their home life, preventing the player from learning more: when inspecting Asriel's room in Queen's Mansion, Kris closes their eyes before peeking into Asriel's room in the Guest Hall; when inspecting an article about Asgore's firing and Undyne's promotion, Kris intentionally stops reading before the reason is given. The separation between the player and Kris is most clearly shown in the Snowgrave Route, where it is heavily implied Kris's actions are being done by the player against their will. Noelle describes the voice she heard giving her orders as terrifying, noting Kris has been acting very strange lately. When Kris reunites with the party after defeating Berdly, Susie and Ralsei immediately notice Kris appears distraught.

Another instance of this happens in the normal route of Chapter 2, where after defeating Spamton NEO, Susie notices Kris appearing to be in shock. If the player responds to Susie that they’re okay by saying Yes, Kris strainedly responds, making Susie think that they’re not okay; if the player responds to Susie by saying No, Kris yells out the response, concerning Susie and Ralsei. This heavily implies that Spamton's dialogue during his boss fight about being a puppet and cutting his strings to be free deeply resonated with Kris, since they know what it’s like to be a puppet, due to them being possessed by the player; and made them feel some form of fear.

Main Story


Years ago, Kris was adopted by the Dreemurrs and grew up in a loving family. However, as the only human child in Hometown, Kris often felt like an outsider. Kris had asked their adoptive parents when their "horns were going to grow in." Toriel and Asgore bought a headband with red horns for Kris, who wore it for months until they one day stopped.

Growing up, Kris became very close with their older brother, Asriel. The two often explored the forests around town with their neighbors, Dess and Noelle. While the four were close friends, Kris and Noelle grew apart over the years. The cause for this is unknown. Kris had also wanted to befriend Bratty, as she was one of the "big kids." They willingly complied and retrieved food for her until she became sick.

At some point, Toriel and Asgore became divorced. While their family was broken, Kris and Asriel remained inseparable. On occasion, Asriel would buy Kris a hot chocolate at QC's Diner, something they used to do together as a whole family. One day, Asriel had to go away to college, leaving Kris alone and without many friends.

Chapter 1

Kris is first encountered when they are awoken by Toriel for school. When followed outside, Toriel drives Kris to school, leading to a short tour of Hometown.

Kris, being late to class, is told by Professor Alphys to pick a group partner. When Noelle is asked, she checks with Alphys about letting Kris join her group with Berdly, though Susie barges into the classroom, interrupting the proceedings. Kris then gets paired up with Susie. Afterward, Alphys realizes there is no chalk for her to teach a class with and sends Susie to go get some from the supply closet. She then asks Kris to go with her.

In the hallway, Kris witnesses Susie eating a piece of chalk. Once Susie realizes Kris is there, she approaches them menacingly, slamming them against a locker, and threatens to eat their face. She then drops Kris to the ground, stating that Kris has a good mother and said "it'd be a shame to make her bury her child."

Kris and Susie enter the supply closet, which turns out to be the entrance to a Dark World. Kris awakens with their street clothes having been exchanged for armor and a cloak, and their skin now a bluish hue. After some exploration Susie is found hiding in a pile of dust.

After a bit more walking, Kris and Susie are attacked by a mysterious figure, who is later revealed to be Lancer. After escaping, they come across Castle Town and encounter Ralsei. Lancer then interrupts Ralsei, accosts Kris and Susie, and fights them for the first time. After the fight, Susie leaves on her own in an attempt to find her way out of the Dark World, leaving Kris and Ralsei on their own. Eventually, Kris and Ralsei catch up with Susie, who begrudgingly rejoins the party.

After numerous encounters with Lancer and getting mad at Ralsei for telling her not to fight, Susie decides to join Lancer instead for a while. This culminates in an encounter between Kris and Ralsei versus Susie and Lancer. After the fight, Susie once again rejoins the party, and Lancer tags along.

Eventually, Lancer grows uncomfortable with the situation and runs off towards Card Castle. Kris and the party attempt to follow him, but some of King's soldiers capture them.

Ralsei and Kris wake up in a prison cell together, but the two quickly realize that Susie is being kept in an adjacent cell. Kris manages to guide Susie through a puzzle, unlocking her cell and allowing her to escape. After a confrontation with Lancer, Susie can release Kris and Ralsei from prison.

After making their way up Card Castle, Kris and the party face off against the King. After the fight, King deceives the party into believing he is willing to redeem himself, resulting in the party being cornered. Kris jumps in front of Susie to protect her but is knocked back by another blow. King approaches Kris and, after taunting them, lifts them into the air, ready to kill them. Regardless of how the King was initially defeated, either Lancer and the King's subjects rescue the party, or Susie distracts King long enough for Ralsei to cast Pacify on the King, putting him to sleep. Which outcome occurs is based on whether or not the party harmed any of the denizens of the Dark World prior to facing the King (except for Jevil, Lancer himself, and the first C. Round).

After saying goodbye to Ralsei, Kris is able to seal the Dark Fountain and return home, along with Susie. Kris can then choose to explore Hometown and speak to the inhabitants. Once Kris returns home and goes to bed, the adventure is over.

At some point in the middle of the night, Kris tosses and turns in bed, only to suddenly leap from their covers and jerkily make their way into the center of their room. As they stand on the carpet, Kris slowly raises their arm before violently tearing out their SOUL from their body and forcefully tossing it into a cage in the corner of the room. The SOUL can be moved in the cage, indicating that the player controls the SOUL, not Kris. Kris brandishes a knife that glistens in the light from the window before turning their head and smiling menacingly with their eye flashing red, similar to the ending of a "soulless" True Pacifist Route in Undertale. The game then cuts to black.

Chapter 2

At the beginning of this chapter, Toriel rushes up to Kris's room, having noticed a knife in the pie. She believes that Kris had decided to sneakily eat it whole while she was asleep. She laughs it off, though, suggesting she should lock the oven in the future before they both set off to school once again.

Later, Kris goes to school and enters the Dark World again with Susie. They meet Ralsei and explore the Castle Town. Eventually, Susie mentions they have homework to do, prompting Ralsei to banish them from the Dark World until their homework is done.

They go to the Library, only to find another Dark World awaiting them, and jump into it, this time with Noelle and Berdly. They soon meet Queen, who acts as the main antagonist for this chapter. She captures Noelle, while Berdly switches to her side voluntarily. Eventually, Kris splits up with the other party members and rescues Noelle. In Kris's company, Noelle starts to learn to be less fearful, accentuating one of the game's themes of personal development. Later, after the entire party gets thrown into the Queen's guest rooms, Berdly learns to be less arrogant after a similar fashion. The final boss fight begins with both parties turning into mechas, and then combat proceeds in the style of a fighting game. Kris seals the Dark Fountain of this world, and the Lightners all return to the Light World.

After walking through Hometown, Kris goes home and Toriel invites Susie to spend the night at her house. She sends the pair to wash their hands. When Kris goes to the bathroom, as soon as they turn the water on, they collapse, raise one hand up and rip out their SOUL again and escape through the window. After a chat between Toriel and Susie, Kris returns to the bathroom, washes their hands and regresses their SOUL. It is later learned that the tires on Toriel's car have been slashed.

At the end of Chapter 2, after Susie (who ended up sleeping at their house) and Toriel are both asleep, Kris opens a Dark Fountain using their knife, presumably using their Determination and willpower as hinted at by the Queen. Whether this means that Kris is actually the Knight is unclear.

In Battle


As a human, Kris cannot cast spells. Instead, Kris uses the ACT command in different ways depending on the enemy. By default, ACTs cost 0 TP to perform, though there are instances where an ACT requires an adequate amount of TP. In the fights with King and Queen, Kris can ACT with Susie and Ralsei to conjure improved versions of their spells. "You can do many things. Don't confuse it with magic."

The following are ACTs exclusive to Kris and cost TP:


Requires 25% TP. This ACT is only available after Kris attempts to use their Talk ACT against King. Kris encourages the party, raising their DEFENSE for one turn.


Requires 20% TP. This ACT is exclusively against Jevil. Causes Kris to perform a pirouette gesture, tiring the boss and causes a specific effect depending on what turn it is. The effects are as follows:

Pirouette Rotation
  • Turn 1: Nothing happens
  • Turn 2: Lowers Jevil's defense
  • Turn 3: The number of invincibility frames decreases this turn
  • Turn 4: Party DEFENSE up
  • Turn 5: Nothing happens
  • Turn 6: Heals a random party member
  • Turn 7: Shuffles all of the party members' HP bars
  • Turn 8: The boss's next attack is stronger
  • Turn 9: ~30 HP heal to all party members
(These effects repeat indefinitely.)


Requires 50% TP. This ACT is only available against Spamton in Chapter 2 on a normal route. Kris heals 60 HP and advances Spamton's dialogue in battle.


Requires 25% TP. This ACT is only available versus Spamton NEO in the Snowgrave Route. Kris performs two diagonal slashes with their sword, dealing individual damage per slash.


Requires 32% TP. This ACT is exclusively against Spamton NEO in Snowgrave Route. Kris eats a Pipis, presumably fried. This ACT heals 120 HP to Kris.



Asriel has been consistently kind to his younger sibling. He has used the knockoff controller to play video games,[12] begged for forgiveness for Kris's "sins,"[13] and had carried Kris to school. The duo are very close since childhood, and various Hometown residents acknowledge this.[14] After Asriel left for college, Kris often stays up late conversing with him online.[15] Despite this, Kris deeply misses Asriel.[16]


Years prior to Deltarune, it is implied Toriel had difficulties raising Kris. She had frequently borrowed "How To Care For A Human," from the Library's second floor. Despite this, Toriel is patient and motherly, and finds most of Kris's antics endearing. She still holds Kris's hand when taking them to school, and keeps their childhood drawing in her classroom. Although she loves Kris equally to Asriel, she tries to limit Kris's impulsiveness, such as locking the chocolate kisses in her room.


In Chapter 1, Kris is initially intimidated by Susie's rough demeanor. After Susie warns Kris and they escape the spade storm together, Kris is no longer terrified of her.[17] They observe Susie's friendliness towards Lancer, and she tries to recruit Kris for their "DARK" team.[18] However, after Susie promises not to hurt Lancer's dad, she decides to listen to Kris's commands.[19] After the battle against King, Kris shields her from a spade attack, only to get knocked down by the King. Now seeing Kris as her friend, Susie stops King from killing them. Upon returning to school, she asks Kris if they can return to the Dark World with a friendly smile. When Toriel calls Kris afterwards, Kris tells her that they were hanging out with a friend, indicating that Kris had a good time with Susie. Notably, Monster Kid's ridicule of Susie offends Kris after their adventure.[20]

During Chapter 2, more evidence of their friendship is shown through Kris's actions. They focus on Susie when they drink her Tea, and is distinctly compliant to Susie. If Kris inspects the "Susie-like Statue" and "ICE-E statue," Susie wants the former, and insists Kris gets the latter for their room. Kris steals either or both without a prompt, even if the latter statue discomforts them.[21]


Kris and Ralsei work together throughout Deltarune, including several times the two are separated from the rest of the party. Ralsei likes Kris very much and sees them as a friend. However, it's implied that Kris doesn't consider Ralsei as close as Susie, as his Tea only heals 60HP (although Noelle's, who is a childhood friend, only heals 10HP more) to them.


Kris and Noelle are childhood friends. They spent a lot of time together when they were children, and used to hang out together with their respective older siblings, Asriel and Dess. Kris used to prank and scare Noelle a lot, but she in turn was for the most time nice to them. In Chapter 1, Noelle implies that she usually helps Kris with their homework, and gives one of her pencils to them if they lost their own.

In Chapter 2, Kris and Noelle make a truce and work together through Cyber City. Noelle learns to be more brave and loses her fear of mice. Noelle then opens up to Kris and remembers the time they spent together as kids, and even says that Kris is the only person that knows how weird she is, and that that's unfair.

In the Snowgrave Route, Kris's relationship with Noelle is severely strained by the player's "creepy" demands in the Dark World. Despite being reassured that it is a dream, Noelle is still suspicious of Kris and becomes genuinely terrified when they meet in the Hospital.


Kris and Berdly have a rivalry with each other, but they are implied to have played video games (especially fighter games, by Berdly's mentions of wavedashing) together in the past[22]. They become allies through the later parts of Chapter 2 and work together to defeat Queen, with Berdly saving Kris, Susie, and Ralsei before the GIGA Queen fight. Although Berdly believes the adventure in the Dark World to all be a dream, he gives studying with Kris and Susie a chance and even nicely wishes them both a good day before leaving the Librarby.


As children, Kris and Asriel used to spend time with Noelle and Dess. It is implied that they were friends, though she did not tolerate some of Kris's mischief. Dess once smacked Kris with a wiffle bat until they stopped lying to Noelle that "ICE-E was real and eats kids."


Rudolph Holiday is a friend of Kris's father, Asgore. He affectionately sees Kris as "the creepy kid next door" he once yelled at for getting tangled in the Holidays' light display. Rudy treats Kris kindly regardless, and jests if they inspect other objects in the room.[23] In Chapter 1, Rudy is surprised to see Kris visit him, and assumes Toriel urged them.



  • The name "Kris" holds several potential meanings:
    • A kris is a type of Indonesian dagger, a possible nod to the knife Kris wields at the end of Chapter 1.
    • The etymology "Of Christ," as a nod to the fact that Kris's family is or was very religious.
    • A rearranged form of "Frisk", without the F and also an anagram of "risk."
  • Kris is exclusively referred to using singular "they" pronouns.[25]
    • Kris is also a unisex name, applicable to both male and females.
    • As a nickname, the name Kris can be derived from both masculine names such as Kristopher or Kristoff, as well as feminine names such as Kristen or Kristina.
    • This may also suggest Kris identifies as non-binary.
  • Pressing the cancel key (X or Shift by default) when Kris gets out of bed causes them to leave their bed faster.
  • When saving the game for the first time, the SAVE file being replaced is named "Kris," implying Kris has saved prior to the game beginning.
    • If a SAVE slot that has overwritten Kris's name is erased, [EMPTY] replaces Kris's name instead for that particular slot.
  • Kris, like their party members, has several different titles in the party menu.
    • At the start of ??????, Kris is a Human. "Body contains a human SOUL."
    • After meeting Ralsei, they become a Leader. "Commands the party with various ACTs."
    • If Kris inspects every bed in Card Castle, they become a Bed Inspector. "Inspects all beds inexplicably."
    • After fighting Sweet Cap'n Cakes in Chapter 2, they become a Tactician. "Commands the party by ACTs. Sometimes."
    • When inspecting the Moss in Chapter 2, they become a Moss Finder. "Basic moss-finding abilities."
    • If on the Snowgrave Route in Chapter 2, they become a Leader. "Commands."
  • Kris is the only party member to not have a hurt sprite battle portrait when they receive damage.
  • Interestingly, while Kris starts out with a max HP of 90 when first entering the Dark World, which increases as each fountain is sealed, in the Light World they always have a maximum of 20 HP, the same amount as Frisk at LV 1.
  • Kris can call Toriel after sealing the Dark Fountain. If they do not, the call still happens regardless once Kris is near the school door. Notably, the dialogue is the same.
    • If Kris calls a second time, they ask Toriel if she can drive them home. She declines, and suggests they "try walking. It builds character, honey."
      • On the third call, Toriel states she is "grading papers." She then mentions she can talk once Kris returns.
  • Kris's red eye flash in the ending is reused from Undertale, as its sprite names confirm that it was Asgore's.
  • Kris's dance during the Sweet Cap'n Cakes fight takes inspiration from the Slavic dance "Kozachok," more commonly known as the "Squat Dance" or "Kazotsky Kick" outside of Slavic communities.
  • When Susie thinks about what Kris would do during the Ferris wheel scene in Chapter 2, one of the options is "Point and hearts come out," referring to Kris's ACT animation.
  • Bratty may have known Kris before they were adopted by the Dreemurrs.[26]
  • Kris shares several characteristics with Frisk and Chara from Undertale. Kris has a similar name to Frisk, and has the same exact skin and hair colors. Their Dark World cape's palette is also reminiscent of Frisk's shirt.[27] Like Chara, Kris enjoys chocolates, appears to have some interest in knifes, is adopted, and has a similar fashion sense. Kris also goes by singular "they" pronouns like both of the children.
  • Kris's shirt stripe is the same yellow as Asriel's stripes in Undertale.[27]
  • Kris bears a notable resemblance to an unused human sprite from Undertale. Albeit, this is primarily due to the shadowed face, the identical hair color, and the similar shirt coloring.
  • In Chapter 1 (and versions of the Chapter 1&2 demo prior to v1.08), the description for the ACT command is instead "Do all sorts of things. It isn't magic."


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