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KeyGen is an item required to enter the basement of the Queen's Mansion and therefore fight Spamton NEO on a normal route. It is bought from Spamton's shop for a price that changes every second, with a much higher deviation than other items sold there. After buying KeyGen from Spamton and talking about "OUR DEAL," it prompts a response with "KEYGEN," makes Spamton's face change colors and plays the KEYGEN track.


  • KeyGen is based on software key-generators, usually found in the warez scene among illegal software distributors. The track that plays when speaking to Spamton more than once about the KeyGen is also referential to the style of music that was composed for these programs.
  • Spamton's face changing colors is a possible reference to a YouTube Poop by Moto200Alt named [YTP] The King Downloads Sony Vegas in which King Harkinian from Link: The Faces of Evil runs a keygen for Sony Vegas, at which point he begins rapidly flashing colours, albeit much more violently than Spamton. The Deltarune song "KEYGEN" even sounds similar to the keygen music that plays in the background of the video ("Unreal Superhero 3" by Kenet & Rez), mimicking the opening few seconds of the song.