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Jigsawry is an enemy encountered in the Field.



Its appearance combines that of a piece from a jigsaw puzzle and a mouse with floppy ears. Each wears a hat between its ears. Unlike the Jigsaw Joe and Tutorial Masters, Jigsawrys have fingers on their hands and shaded ears, and are always pink.


Jigsawrys are very sensitive and emotional beings, unable to face anything without exaggerated reactions. They are not enthusiastic about combat, only partaking out of desperation for money. As such, they quite readily befriend the party.

Main Story[]

After entering the Field, Kris and Ralsei find a large number of Jigsawrys "clobbered" by Susie. Most cannot be interacted with, but one warns them of the "purple monster" flattening anything that gets in her way.

The party later encounters Jigsawrys in various groups of enemies elsewhere in the Field. Although they don't want to fight, they mention during battle that they have rent payments to make.

In Battle[]


  • Summons two jigsaw pieces parallel to each other outside of the bullet board. After a short delay, they fly towards each other and connect, like jigsaw pieces. This attack tracks the SOUL's movement.


  • If Susie is on the team, Kris and Ralsei have to warn the enemy of her aggression before taking other actions; Susie can defeat Jigsawrys in one hit.
  • ACTing to befriend any Jigsawry immediately makes all Jigsawrys in the battle spareable.
  • Using X-Flatter or S-Flatter on a Hathy while a Jigsawry is also present allows them to be spared.
  • If a Jigsawry is spared 10 times, it becomes spareable.
  • If a Jigsawry takes damage from an attack, all Jigsawrys still in the battle reset all progress towards making them spareable.
  • A Jigsawry reduced to 70 HP or lower becomes Tired.


  • F... Fighting? I love fighting... [Neutral]
  • I... I have a rent payment to make... [Neutral]
  • P... Put up your d-dukes, bubbo... [Neutral]
  • H... hurting people is cool.. [Neutral]
  • Graze! [Graze Challenge 1, Neutral]
  • Of course I'll be your friend! [Befriend]
  • Alright! You win! Let's be friends! [Befriend]
  • Friends? I was thinking the same thing! [Befriend]
  • ... well, if we HAVE to be friends... [Befriend]
  • We're friends now, la la~ [Befriend #2]
  • I always wanted a friend just like you. [Befriend #2]
  • WHADDA WORLD! [Hurt]
  • I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE!!! [Hurt]
  • BARRY!!! THEY GOT BARRY!!! [Another Jigsawry is defeated]
  • BARRY!! HANG IN THERE BARRY! [Another Jigsawry is defeated]

Flavor Text[]

  • A board of Jigsawrys blocked the way! [Encounter]
  • Smorgasboard. [Encounter with Rudinn and Hathy]
  • This mousenary is only fighting to make ends meet... [Check]
  • Jigsawry is pretending to march. [Neutral]
  • Jigsawry is trying to calculate this month's rent. [Neutral]
  • Jigsawry thought of its boss and felt afraid. [Neutral]
  • Jigsawry is wishing it could quit its job. [Neutral]
  • Smells like cardboard. [Neutral]
  • You barely lifted a finger, and... [Befriend]
  • You and Ralsei warned Jigsawry about Susie. The enemy went on guard... [Warned]
  • Jigsawry looks exhausted. [Tired]
  • Jigsawry's edges are fraying. [Low HP]
  • Jigsawry looks happy about its life. [Spare conditions met]


  • Their name is a play on the words "jigsaw" and "sorry," or alternatively, "jigsaw" and "awry."
  • Their flavor text is referring to the fact that they need to "make ends meet" is likely a pun on the fact that they are jigsaw pieces, which have connectable ends. Jigsaw Joe, also a puzzle-related Darkner, uses the same phrase.
  • A group of Jigsawrys is called a "board."