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Hey. Hey kid.
...ya wanna buy a tutorial?
It's only 50 Dark Dollars.

Jigsaw Joe

Jigsaw Joe is a blue Jigsawry that wears a black beanie hat. He has baggy eyes and stubble under his mouth. He is first encountered in Field, next to Seam's Shop.



Jigsaw Joe is, like his name implies, a jigsaw puzzle piece. His body is blue with the puzzle knobs serving as legs, arms and possibly ears. He wears a black beanie and sports a shady face, with narrow eyes, eyebags, and stubble.


Jigsaw Joe acts similar to stereotypical street vendor in his way to approach people. However, once he is denied money, he loses his composure and almost begs for it. Jigsaw Joe used to create puzzles, but King fired him and his co-workers, replacing them with Rouxls Kaard. Joe is kind-hearted and does his best to help the party, mainly to spite King.

Main Story[]

Chapter 1[]

In Field, he appears next to Seam's Shop, where he offers to sell Kris a tutorial for 50 Dark Dollars. If he is declined, he desperately reduces the price to 20, then to 1 if refused again. If declined altogether, Ralsei compassionately donates one Dark Dollar instead. If Kris does not have enough money for the tutorial, Joe helps them out and gives the tutorial anyway.

Once paid, Jigsaw Joe leads the party into the westward room, where they can speak to the Tutorial Masters (Kris Master, Susie Master, Ralsei Master, and TP Master). Jigsaw Joe explains that they all used to be puzzle guys before King fired them and they had to start creating tutorials to make ends meet. He complains that they did not get severance pay; instead, Lancer gave them itchy beanies.

If the party interacts with Jigsaw Joe before reaching the Warp Door in the Forest, he is present there and explains that he helped Mr. Elegance and Mr. Society fix it, promising that it takes the party anywhere "as long as that's one of two locations." If spoken to again, he admits that he does not know where the Warp Door is from, and has "never seen it before." If the party does not interact with him before reaching that Warp Door, Jigsaw Joe does not help with the door, and Mr. Elegance mentions that since only two of them worked on it, it might malfunction.

If the party deposes King without harming anybody, Jigsaw Joe is among the celebrants at Card Castle afterwards. If Kris donated to the puzzle guys' money hole, Jigsaw Joe is clean-shaven and has a top-hat instead of a beanie—he mentions that thanks to that donation, he was able to afford shaving equipment and a new hat. If spoken to again, he has positive dialogue.[1]

Chapter 2[]

In Chapter 2, he runs the challenges at the Party Dojo in Castle Town. In the challenge "Jigsaw Joe", Jigsaw Joe appears as an opponent in a tutorial on sparing.

He still has his stubble and beanie, even if he shaved and bought a new hat at the end of Chapter 1.

In Battle[]

Susie and Ralsei do not have access to S-Action or R-Action in this battle even after returning from the Library Dark World, although Susie does have access to UltimateHeal in that case.


Jigsaw Joe does not attack the party.


The battle takes part in two phases. The second phase starts once Jigsaw Joe has been spared for the first time.

If the party deals any damage to Jigsaw Joe, the battle ends but the challenge is not completed.

Phase 1[]

  • Kris shaving Jigsaw Joe allows him to be spared. However, his stubble grows back at the end of the turn, so Susie or Ralsei must spare him on the same turn that Kris shaves him.

Phase 2[]

  • Susie tells him a bedtime story, at the direction of Kris, makes Jigsaw Joe tired, allowing him to be pacified. However, he drinks coffee at the end of the turn, so Ralsei must use Pacify on the same turn he becomes tired in order to spare him.


  • Boss! Don't listen to that! That's the wrong ACT!! The wrong ACT!! [Check]

Phase 1[]

  • Boss!
  • You can ACT and SPARE on the same turn!
  • If you know Kris's ACT will give an enemy 100% mercy...
  • SPARE them on the same turn with Susie or Ralsei!
  • Boss! You gotta ACT and SPARE on the same turn! [Kris taking any action other than ACT]
  • Ah!! It's my [x] o'clock shadow! [End of turn after Shave—[x] is the number of times it has regrown]
  • Ohhhh, boss, you're sparing me!? [Spare]

Phase 2[]

  • WAIT A SECOND!!! I got something else to remind you of!
  • Boss!
  • It works the same with making an enemy TIRED!
  • If an ACT will make an enemy TIRED...
  • Use Ralsei's PACIFY right away!
  • Boss! You're putting me to SLEEP! I mean, you AREN'T! Make me TIRED and PACIFY me, boss! [Kris taking any action other than Check]
  • You did it, Boss! If you can manage to SPARE enemies right away... [Pacify]
  • Battles will go a lot faster! That's all! [Pacify]

Flavor Text[]

  • Beat him up to earn his life savings! [Check]
  • Jigsaw Joe jigs in! [Encounter]

Phase 1[]

  • Jigsaw Joe looks vulnerable to ACTING and SPARING on the same turn. [Neutral]
  • You shaved Jigsaw Joe's stubble! [Shave]
  • Jigsaw Joe's stubble regrew! [End of turn after Shave]

Phase 2[]

  • Jigsaw Joe looks like he could use a bedtime story. [Neutral]
  • Susie told the enemy a bedtime story about beating them up! The enemy became TIRED! [SleepyStory]
  • Jigsaw Joe drank coffee! Jigsaw Joe stopped being TIRED! [End of turn after SleepyStory]


Jigsaw Joe battle unused.gif

  • In the game files, Jigsaw Joe has a complete set of unused battle sprites where he has a different design compared to the one used in the game.
    • Upon close inspection, the unused sprites bear a great resemblance to the Jigsawry enemies encountered in the Field but recolored with a lighter shade of blue.


  1. Got nothing left to teach you now... Life's got no tutorial, so try your best! - Jigsaw Joe