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ICE-E is a brand mascot character of ICE-E's P"e"zza in Deltarune. He is referenced on various occasions, including as promotional merchandise in Hometown.



ICE-E is an ice cube that is slightly "sweating." He has wide eyes, black eyebrows, and a snout similar to a canine's. He is depicted as having a wide grin with visible teeth. As the restaurant icon, ICE-E wears a chef's hat.

Main Story[]

Chapter 1[]

If Kris tells Noelle that Susie "Eats Chalk" when she is at her house's gate, she assumes Kris is joking. Noelle mentions that when they were children, Kris had claimed that "ICE-E was real and eats kids..."

In Hometown's Alley, there is graffiti depicting ICE-E and unknown text in a similar color beside it.

Chapter 2[]

In Cyber Field, there is an optional "GIASFELFEBREHBER" word puzzle for Hacker's blue checkmark challenge. If Kris interacts with Ralsei, Susie comments that it is ICE-E's catchphrase.[1] Upon completing the puzzle, ICE-E appears on the monitor and winks, but glitches upon doing so.

Noelle's room in Queen's Mansion has an "ICE-E statue" that is a cross between "something else." It appeared due to Noelle searching "is ice e real cryptid." If Kris inspects it, Susie states they should steal it for their room. Kris complies and takes it without a prompt.

After returning from Cyber World, the ICE-E statue appears in Kris's room in Ralsei's Castle. Upon inspection, the narration states, "(This maybe isn't the best thing in your room.)"

When Susie suggests some movies, she jokes that Kris would appreciate "ICE-E The Movie."[2]


  • Text about ICE-E in Deltarune often has minor errors in spelling, capitalization, and grammar.
  • ICE-E is depicted across various commercial products:
    • There is a nearly-full container of "Ice-E's Cool Boys Body Spray "Spray for the Boys," Flamin' Hot Pizza Flavor" in a cabinet in Toriel's House.
    • In QC's Diner, Ice Wolf wears an ICE-E shirt and likes "ice-themed mascots."
    • In the Hospital, there is a pain chart in The Warrior/Shyren's room that displays pain levels using pictures of ICE-E.[3]
    • The Teen Zone in the Library features a "crude drawing of an ice-cube wearing a headband."
    • In 'Sans (Grocery Store), there is a magazine in the magazine rack.[4][5]
  • If Kris interacts with Susie while at the "GIASFELFEBREHBER" puzzle, she comments it would be funny if there was a missing letter. This comment along with the puzzle itself alludes to the Monster Kidz Word Search from Undertale.
  • In the Undertale anniversary stream ICE-E's base is described as "feeling like a nightmare world where everything is a bit off."[citation needed]
  • ICE-E is one of a few characters to have been seen or depicted in both the Light World and the Dark World, and appears in Undertale. This is trait is shared with Everyman and Annoying Dog.


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