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Hometown is a town featured in Deltarune. It is fully accessible at the end of each chapter and serves as the final location visited. It is currently the only location accessible within the Light World. Across the town, there apparently lie portals to the Dark World.


Hometown is surrounded by a deciduous forest whose bright coloration suggests that the season is fall. It can be divided roughly into east and west regions on either side of a street which, though not a straight line, runs perpendicularly through the whole town from Toriel's house to the Mysterious Door. There is a lake to the east of town.

Main Story[]

Chapter 1[]

At the start of Chapter 1, Kris is sleeping in their bed. Toriel wakes them, complaining that they will be late for school.

If Kris chooses to go back to bed immediately after Toriel wakes them up in the start of the game, they are transported directly to ??????, skipping the school at the start of the game, but the game otherwise progresses as normal. This is only possible if the player has completed Chapter 1 at least once.

After leaving the house, Toriel drives Kris to school. Kris's class are forming pairs for a group project; due to Kris and Susie both running late for class, all of the other students have already paired up, so they are paired together. Alphys, about to start the class, realizes that she is missing chalk, so requests that Susie and Kris retrieve some from the supply closet. Upon entering the supply closet, the two of them fall into the Dark World.

After sealing the Dark Fountain in the Card Kingdom, Kris and Susie wake up in the unused classroom in the School. Having spent so long in the Dark World, Kris has to walk home. At home, Toriel has prepared some butterscotch-cinnamon pie, which will be ready to eat tomorrow.

After going to sleep, in the middle of the night, Kris jumps out of bed and rips their SOUL out, tossing it into the birdcage near their bed. With a red glint in their eye, Kris pulls out a knife, and the chapter ends.

Chapter 2[]

At the start of Chapter 2, Toriel barges into Kris's room, accusing them of eating all of her butterscotch-cinnamon pie, and then waking them up to drive them to school.

Like in Chapter 1, if Kris goes back to bed after having played through Chapter 2 once already, they are transported to the Cyber World instantly.

After returning from the Cyber World and bringing the Darkners from that world to Castle Town, Kris and Susie walk home together. Toriel invites Susie inside, and the two begin preparations to make a pie, while Kris goes into the bathroom to wash their hands. However, after Kris runs the tap, they pull their SOUL out, once again, and trap it within the sink cupboard. Kris then opens the bathroom's window and jumps out. Susie and Toriel do not hear this, due to the noise of the running tap. Kris soon returns, and puts their SOUL back into their body.

Later, Toriel invites Susie to sleep over at their house for the night. Kris and Susie decide to pass the time by watching TV, although quickly fall asleep. After they have fallen asleep, Toriel calls the police, reporting that her tires have been slashed.

In the middle of the night, Kris wakes up and once again rips their SOUL out, this time stashing it on the couch. They leave the door open, turn on the TV, pull out a knife and rip open a Dark Fountain in the middle of the living room. They then return their SOUL as they fall back asleep, with smoke filling the living room.


Toriel's House[]

Toriel's house, the first and last location visited in Chapter 1 and 2, is the home of Kris, Toriel, and formerly Asriel. It is the northernmost location in the town. A tidy two-story home, it is surrounded by trees on three sides and has a driveway heading south, where Toriel's red van parks when she is home. A symbol similar to the Delta Rune, with the triangles reversed, appears above the front door.

The front door opens into the living room, a wide-open space with a TV, a book of hymns on a side table, and Chairiel, Toriel's living-room chair. The TV is dusty and seemingly underused, being unplugged in Chapter 1, although it is plugged in at the start of Chapter 2 and used at the end of Chapter 2. A landline house phone hangs on the wall between the Living Room and adjoining Kitchen.

The kitchen features a trash can emitting a floral scent, human- and monster-shaped cookie cutters, a stovetop not quite as clean as the one Toriel uses in Undertale, white fur in the sink drain, and a fridge with a picture of Toriel, Kris, and Asriel on it.

West of the kitchen, a stairway leads to the second floor, while a door leads to the restroom, which is stocked with body spray under the sink, two different shampoos in the shower, and a toilet in which Kris once placed a bath bomb.

Upstairs, a hallway contains a bookcase with several books on snails and one history book by Gerson Boom. Some crayons can be observed in a small table drawer, and a mirror reflects whoever passes it. The locked westernmost door in the hall is presumably Toriel's room, while a stairway to the east leads back down. A cactus stands beside a centrally-placed door leading to the bedroom.

The east side of the Bedroom contains Kris's belongings, while the western side was used by Asriel before he left for university. Between them, a carpet featuring the Delta Rune decorates the floor and a window in the north wall looks out on a beautiful day. On Asriel's side, books are boxed under the computer desk, music CDs and a game console are under the bed, and the drawer's contents change depending on which SAVE file is being used. Trophies line the walls above Asriel's bed, and star-shaped decorations glow in the dark. By contrast, Kris's shelves and walls are bare, their drawer contains only clothes, and the only visible personal belongings are a rusted birdcage in a battered red wagon. At the foot of the bed, a dark stain marks the floor.

Catty's House[]

Catty's house, home of Catty, Catti, and Dad Cat, is east of the main road, south of Toriel's house, and west of Bratty's house. It cannot be entered in Chapter 1, though cat-related interior decorating can be seen from outside and Catty says their "cat flap is always open" to Kris. An outdoor grill at the side of the house smells of Dad Cat's grilled cat food. Catty and Dad Cat can be found outside the house after school.

Bratty's House[]

Bratty lives to the east of Catty's house and west of the Ghost House. Eyes can be seen through the windows and scuffling noises sound from within. It cannot be entered in Chapter 1, but Bratty can be found outside the house after school.

Ghost House[]

The Ghost House, a tilted blue-grey structure whose exterior resembles Napstablook's house from Undertale, is east of Bratty's house and west of Flower King. The house cannot be entered in Chapter 1, and, unlike in Undertale, does not have a pink counterpart beside it. Kris can knock at the door after school; one of the house's inhabitants is home, but does not let them in.

Flower King[]

Flower King, a flower shop owned by Asgore Dreemurr, is located east of the Ghost House and west of the lake path. The eastward road ends in front of the shop and Asgore's truck can be found parked beside it. There is also a hidden door to the east of the shop, though it is blocked by flowers on the other side. The shop can be explored in Chapter 1 after school, but is locked in Chapter 2.

Lake Path[]

A dirt path leads eastward from Flower King, past two green metal picnic tables to a lake on the east side of town. After school in Chapter 1, the Royal Guards are taking in the fall air near the picnic tables and Onion can be spoken to if Kris stands on a brown circular spot next to the lake.

If standing idly near the lake near the end of Chapter 2, Kris and Susie will sit and watch the view.

Locked Gate[]

The Holiday residence, home of Noelle Holiday, Rudolph Holiday and his wife, is inaccessible to the west of the main street, behind a large locked gate to which Noelle's mother has the key. While the residence cannot be seen or visited in Chapter 1 and 2, Noelle can be found standing at the gate after school if Kris visits Rudy at the Hospital first.

'Sans (Grocery Store)[]

The Grocery Store is east of the central road and west of Sans and Papyrus's house, and is currently run by Sans. It cannot be entered in Chapter 1, but Sans stands outside after school. The exterior resembles Undertale's Grillby's, but with "GRILLBY" crossed out and the final apostrophe and S remaining to start the badly scribbled name "'Sans".

In Chapter 2, the building can be entered. The interior seems to resemble a small convenience store. The store sells various produce, milk, ice cream, cards, magazines, loose eggs, and frozen food. Sans is the only employee working at the store, working as both a cashier and a janitor. Toriel and Asgore are shown to be frequent patrons, to the store, although the latter is implied to frequently buy the store's pickles, free of charge.

Sans's theme; "sans." from Undertale plays, when inside.

Sans and Papyrus's House[]

Sans and Papyrus have recently moved into the house east of the Grocery Store and west of the apartment buildings. While its exterior returns from Undertale, it no longer has a pirate flag or holiday decorations. The house cannot be entered in Chapters 1 or 2 and only "the distant trousle of bones" can be heard within, during Chapter 1. In Chapter 2, the same is heard, when knocking, but the trousle appears to be fading. This is a reference to Papyrus's battle music in Undertale: Bonetrousle.

Bunny Apartments[]

Two of the town's three brownstone apartment buildings sit side by side to the east of Sans and Papyrus's house, with the alley running up their east side. Shopkeeper's child peers out of a window in the first one, while a connoisseur of knocks refuses to answer the door in the second.


The alley lies between bunny apartments and Snowdrake apartments. Alphys keeps office hours there after school, as shown in Chapter 1.

In Chapter 2, Bratty can be found in this alley.

Snowdrake Apartments[]

The third of the town's four brownstone apartment buildings sits to the east of the alley. Monster Kid and Snowdrake stand outside it, while Snowdrake's father is heard from within.

In Chapter 2, knocking on the door of these apartments makes Susie reconfirm with Kris that they are going to their house. Knocking on this door again after interacting with Snowdrake and Monster Kid at the Locked Door results in new dialogue, telling Kris that they were scared by Susie.

QC's Diner[]

The Diner is on a street corner to the east of ICE-E's P"e"zza. It can be visited after school. Boasting a homey atmosphere, it contains three booths and a cafe counter with bar stools. Catti and Waitress Lion are servers. Diner Shopkeeper, who works behind the counter and remembers Kris coming in on Sundays, gives them a Hot Chocolate.

Patrons include Dad Dragon and his family, Fire Elemental and Tentacled Monster, Ice Wolf, and Hat Monster.

ICE-E's P"e"zza[]

ICE-E's P"e"zza is a pizza place to the west of QC's Diner. Pizzapants, Blue Ears, The Warrior, and possibly Purple Guy work there. The building cannot be entered during Chapter 1, as its employees are outside wearing ICE-E costumes and shouting slogans.

During Chapter 2, the building can be entered. In there are Pizzapants, an NPC resembling the Nice Cream Guy from Undertale, Ice Wolf and The Warrior. The Warrior is furiously smashing the pizza, Nice Cream Guy is watching him, amused, Ice Wolf is eating pizza (noting that he may be the only customer) and Pizzapants, when interacted with, tells Kris they must tell Asriel about how he got a girlfriend online.


The Librarby, whose misspelled sign returns from Undertale, is east of the central road and west of the School. It can be entered in Chapter 1 after school and has a different interior layout than Undertale's Librarby. Berdly works there after school, and patrons include Temmie, Jockington, and a striped bird who loves books and, blocking the stairs to the second floor, advises Kris to read the books upstairs. Kris can lick one of the books on the shelves; others include someone's diary (presumably Napstablook's based on the lack of capitals) and a bestseller by Gerson Boom. In the Teenz Corner display, an "anonymous yellow lizard" has left a positive review of Mew Mew Kissy Cutie 2. Inside a locked door to a computer lab, a white dog is working at a computer, making a game and sometimes playing the maracas.

In Chapter 2, the computer lab becomes another Dark World. After exiting the Dark World, a small section of the 2nd floor becomes available with 2 bookcases being interactable. One holds a book on SOULs, and the other a book on how to take care of humans for monsters, which Toriel has taken from the library years prior.


Map of school

The School, east of the Librarby, seems to cater to the education of all the inhabitants of Hometown. It is split into two classes: one for younger children, taught by Toriel, and one for adolescents, taught by Alphys. Toriel brings Kris there for the school day after they exit her house.

After returning from the Dark World in Chapter 1, Kris and Susie find themselves in an unused classroom. It is littered with playing cards, toys, and games, the arrangement of which, starting from a locked door on the left, roughly corresponds with the path of the party's adventure within the Dark World. In the back of the classroom sits a stuffed animal that closely resembles Seam in appearance, and on the closet there is a drawing of Gerson Boom made by his son Alvin. The unused classroom is in the northeast corner of the school, and another locked room is down the hall in the northwest corner.

In Chapter 2, Kris and Susie can use the closet they used in Chapter 1 to return to the Castle Town.


The Hospital, west of the central road and east of the Police Station, can be entered in Chapter 1 after school. Inside, Red Big Mouth works as the receptionist. Kris can visit two patients, in rooms beyond the reception area. Rudy Holiday remains a patient in both Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. The other patient is The Warrior in Chapter 1, and an NPC resembling Shyren from Undertale in Chapter 2.

A sliding bead toy sits on a table in the corner of the Hospital's reception area. Examining it describes the beads as "march[ing] grimly along their set path". If the Snowgrave Route was taken during Chapter 2, examining it reveals that a blue bead has been torn off from the tracks.

Police Station[]

The Police Station is west of the Hospital. It cannot be entered in Chapter 1. Inside, someone closes the blinds if the door is knocked on.

In Chapter 2, the police station can be entered. There is a desk in the center of the room, which initially has a key on it, a couch wrapping around the interior's southeastern corner, a wall of photos of the officers with a nearby pot of flowers, a desk with drawers below an open window and in the northwest, and a jail cell in the northeastern corner, containing many of the dog characters from Undertale, now being a group of local criminals. There is a large board of papers north of the desk, which is to the right to a large dent in the building's wall.

If Kris talks about the Dark World with Undyne, she doesn't believe them, laughing and smashing her fists on her desks multiple times, to the point where the desk breaks in half, causing the key on the desk to launch off it, unlocking the jail cell, freeing the dogs, causing Undyne to chase after them. Napstablook also appears in the station, as another officer, playing the jailbreak alarm (which is actually their mixtape, playing an alteration of the track; "Pathetic House" from Undertale) after the dogs are freed.

Blocked Road[]

West of the police station, the road continues but is blocked with sawhorses and police caution tape with "NGAHHHHH!!!" written on it. In Chapter 2, Alphys can be found on this road with her bike being broken due to a crash related to Undyne.

Town Hall[]

The Town Hall is east of the central road. Inside a reception area, Politics Bear and an unnamed character can be found after school. Hand Receptionist, who works behind the desk, does not allow Kris to see the mayor, whose offices are somewhere in the building. The reception area is decorated with a pine tree and a map of the town. In Chapter 2, the Purple Guy is also located here.

House of Worship[]

The House of Worship is at the end of the central road, slightly southwest of Town Hall. It cannot be entered in Chapter 1 or Chapter 2 as characters are blocking the door (Father Alvin in Chapter 1 and Terry in Chapter 2). A dirt path leads further west to the Cemetery, while a grassy path leads further south to the Mysterious Door.


The cemetery in Hometown, west of the House of Worship, accommodates a Gerson Boom memorial bench, as well as four graves. These graves memorialize Gerson, Crystal, Muttler, and Shyra. The latter three are the names of monsters which were turned into Amalgamates in Undertale. In Chapter 2, Father Alvin can be found next to his father's grave, mourning the loss of his father, Gerson.

Mysterious Door[]

A path to the south of the House of Worship and Town Hall leads into the forest and ends in a dell containing a mound of grassy, overgrown earth with a large double door facing south. The door is locked, and appears rusty and crusted with clinging vines. The door is labeled as a shelter in internal game files. Below the doors, mus_smile (which otherwise appears when attempting to use the Cell Phone in the Dark World and in room_gaster in Undertale) can be heard at 15% speed.[1] This is the southernmost location on the Hometown map. The music in the background is completely muted.

In Chapter 2, Snowy and Monster Kid can initially be found next to this door, talking about rumors Kris has been spreading about it. Kris and Susie overhear this, and Susie violently kicks the locked door to scare Snowy and Monster Kid away.


  • Pressing the cancel key (X or Shift by default) when Kris gets out of bed causes them to leave their bed faster.
  • In Chapter 1, flushing the toilet in Toriel's home multiple times without leaving the bathroom leads to a string of interactions.
    • After flushing for the third time in a row, Toriel knocks on the door and asks "Kris...? Is everything... alright in there?"
    • After the sixth flush, she knocks again. "Kris, WHAT are you doing? You did not put a bath bomb in the toilet again, did you?"
    • After the ninth flush, she knocks for the third and final time. "Kris, if anything bad happens, you are paying for the plumbing bill."
  • The TV in Toriel's house was not plugged in during Chapter 1.[2] When checking the TV in Chapter 2, the narration states, "(It's the TV.) (Looks like it's plugged in, but it's dusty.)"
  • Unlike the other rooms in the School, the unused classroom is at an isometric view instead of a 3/4ths view.
  • The bead toy in the hospital's lobby has different text from Chapter 1 and 2:
    • Chapter 1 has "(It's one of those sliding bead toys that naturally spawns inside doctors' offices.) (The beads march grimly along their set path.)"
    • Chapter 2's narration states that "(The beads of the toy march on.)"
  • ICE-E is a brand mascot returning from Undertale. Their name and likeness is also associated with several other commercial products in Hometown:
    • There is a nearly-full container of Ice-E's Cool Boys Body Spray "Spray for the Boys," Flamin' Hot Pizza Flavor in a cabinet in Toriel's bathroom.
    • In QC's Diner, Ice Wolf wears an ICE-E shirt and likes "ice-themed mascots."
    • A pain chart in The Warrior/Shyren's hospital room in the displays pain levels using pictures of ICE-E.
    • A blue spray-painted picture of ICE-E decorates Alphys's alleyway.
    • The Teenz Corner in the Librarby features a picture of ICE-E.
    • Kris once teased Noelle by telling her that "ICE-E was real and eats kids."
  • The Library's interior changes between Chapter 1 and 2. The doorway to the Library's computer lab changes from a single door to double doors.
  • If Chapter 2 is loaded without using a Chapter 1 file, these are the defaults:
    • The floral scent in the trash can in Toriel's house isn't stronger.
    • Alphys does not express worry over Kris when they enter the classroom.
    • Noelle does not give Susie a lunchbox of chalk.
    • The Man is not present in the traffic jam near the Library.
    • Susie and Rudy are confused when Kris checks the hospital sink.
    • Sans states that he never mentioned his brother to Kris.
    • Nobody recognizes Kris.
    • Clam Guy is near the shoreline, and mentions that Onion is absent.
  • 'Sans's grocery store is the only area that features a "normal basket of fruit" that defies its physical appearance. It is "incredibly deep and holds all sorts of things."


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