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If I may ask, how does a donut fit into your plan?
All real plans allocate for delicious treats.

Conversation between Ralsei and Lancer

Hearts Donut is an item that can be bought at the Forest bake sale from Hathy. It restores a different amount of HP depending on the character and whether it is consumed during or outside of battle.

Healing amounts
Character Outside of battle In battle Chapter 1 In battle Chapter 2
Kris 20 10 20
Susie 80 90 80
Ralsei 50 60 50
Noelle 30 N/A 30
Thrash Machine N/A N/A 20

Flavor Text[]

  • Mmm, blood! [When using it on Susie]
  • Aah, sticky... [When using it on Ralsei]
  • Mmm... what!? It's blood!? [When using it on Noelle]


  • The flavor text is a reference to the joke "Hurts Donut," wherein one person asks the other whether they want a "hurts donut," and if the other person responds positively they punch them in the arm, exclaiming "Hurts, don't it?"
  • In Chapter 1, Hearts Donut and Choco Diamond heal Kris and Ralsei the least in-battle respectively.