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Head Hathy is an enemy that first appears in the Card Castle. It is the Card Castle variant of Hathy, and has a blue color palette.



Head Hathies look identical to regular Hathies but with a blue color scheme.


Head Hathies are better at their job than their regular counterpart, as they try to hide their feelings and focus on fighting. They are still unsuccessful at this, as they are still under the influence of flirting even if it takes more effort than a regular Hathy.

In Battle[]


  • Spawns a large ring of hearts that rapidly get smaller. This attack gets used when multiple Head Hathies are present.
  • Spawns a large heart that spins and stops. Then the heart rapidly moves forward, where the tip of the heart is pointing. This attack gets used by a lone Head Hathy. Unlike a similar attack used by Hathy, this attack is not restricted to pointing in cardinal directions.


  • Kris can flirt with Head Hathy, allowing it to be spared.
  • The first two times the X-Flirt ACT is ever used (in any battle), the targeted Head Hathy runs away. Subsequent uses make all Head Hathies spareable (Susie does not participate and Kris does so themselves, but it still takes up Susie's turn).
  • If a Head Hathy is spared 10 times, it becomes spareable.
  • If a Head Hathy is reduced to 63 HP or lower, it becomes Tired, allowing Ralsei to Pacify it.

Flavor Text[]

  • It learned to hide its feelings... is that strength? [Check]
  • Head Hathy blocked the way! [Encounter]
  • Head Hathy blocked the way! (x3) [Encounter]
  • Head Hathy's body moves silently. [Neutral]
  • Head Hathy showed no emotion at all. [Neutral]
  • Head Hathy whispered something unbearable. [Neutral]
  • Head Hathy's mind is an enigma. [Neutral]
  • Smells like a lonely kiss. [Neutral]
  • You flirted with Head Hathy. It was highly effective. [Flirt]
  • You ordered SUSIE to flirt with the enemy! [X-Flirt, first three times ever using this ACT]
  • (Head Hathy felt awkward and left...) [X-Flirt, first and second time ever using this ACT]
  • You flirted with the enemies. It worked! (Susie did not help.) [X-Flirt, on fourth and subsequent uses]
  • Head Hathy's beat slows. [Tired]
  • Head Hathy's beat seems to stutter. [Low HP]
  • Head Hathy is skipping beats. [Spare conditions met]


  • Cut dialogue reveals that the Head Hathy can originally be encountered as a single enemy, rather than a trio in the final release.[1]
  • The first time Kris attempts to X-Flirt with Susie, one Head Hathy becomes uncomfortable and leaves.
    • Next time it is attempted, Susie makes Ralsei do it instead, resulting in the same outcome.
    • The third time it is attempted, Susie makes Kris flirt instead, and it successfully allows for all Head Hathys to be spared.
    • In subsequent X-Flirts, Kris performs the action alone (this still uses up Susie's turn).


  1. Head Hathy blocked the way! - Cut flavor text when encountering a single Head Hathy