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Hathy is a support enemy that can be encountered in the Field. Various Hathys appear as NPCs in the Forest and Card Castle. Head Hathy is a stronger variant of this enemy.



Hathy represents the heart card suit, but their color scheme is green, the color opposite from the color of the hearts suit (red). They stand on three tentacles and appear to wear a crown and a white dress with a green heart on it. Like Rudinn, they only have their right tentacle-arm visible, holding a scepter with hearts on the extremities. Their head is shaped like a heart, and they have a big mouth and no visible eyes.


Hathy's actions and dialogue is described in the narrative-style format. They are primarily referred to by name than a pronoun. Hathy can comprehend, and sense other people's feelings. They appear to enjoy flirting and showing love to others.

Main Story[]

Chapter 1[]

A trio of Hathys organized by Lancer is encountered in the Field. Ralsei comments that this is ineffective as Hathys are "SUPPORT ENEMIES," and that their "bullet patterns aren't balanced."

Later on, a Hathy appears as a vendor in the Forest Bake Sale. They sell Hearts Donut for 40 D$ each. They state the proceeds go to "Hathy's Health."

Multiple Hathys appear in Card Castle. Two can be found on Floor 3F through the Heart doorway on the east. The Hathy on the left informs that they "sold all the gems and replaced them with beds." The right Hathy looks at Kris kindly if they did not defeat a Hathy through violence. Otherwise, this Hathy stares. Ralsei immediately apologizes and Hathy forgives their "sins." On Floor 4F, a Hathy can be found in the Clubs room with Clover and a Rudinn. This Hathy mentions that it is the "healer" among the three, and was responsible for catering the party. Hathy had also commissioned a cake for Clover, though it was "destroyed in a field somewhere."

After King's battle, Hathys appear as a crowd with Rudinns and Pippins if the party was peaceful. With Lancer's order, they take away King. A single Hathy also appears to bid farewell alongside various characters. Hathy looks "proudly" at Kris and kisses them. If interacted with again, Hathy states, "(Limit one.)"

Chapter 2[]

Hathys are recruited to Castle Town by default. One Hathy is east of the Top Bakery. She comments that she "likes this place," and hopes that Kris likes it too. If Kris has inspected all four beds in Hathy's Room in Card Castle in Chapter 1, Hathy has alternate dialogue.[1]

By default, a Hathy sits at the southmost table with a Rudinn in the Café. Rudinn refers to her as their "best friend." Multiple Hathys can be placed at tables for unique interactions. If paired with a Head Hathy at the southmost table, Hathy shares her latte.

After the party returns from Cyber World, the Hathy near the Top Bakery expresses happiness to see "new faces."

In Battle[]

Appears With[]

  • Rudinn
  • Other Hathys (single event)
  • Jigsawry


  • A circle of heart-shaped bullets that limits the area the SOUL can move in. This attack is only used if there are other enemies (including other Hathys) present.
  • A heart that turns a few times, before stopping to point in one of the cardinal directions and then moving. This attack is only used if Hathy is alone.


  • Flattering Hathy allows for it to be spared.
  • Using X-Flatter or S-Flatter with Ralsei or Susie respectively makes all enemies spareable.
  • Sparing Hathy 10 times allows for it to be spared.
  • Reducing Hathy to 50 HP or lower makes it Tired.

Flavor Text[]

  • I am a little kiss. [Check]
  • Rudinn and Hathy blocked the way! [Encounter with single Rudinn]
  • Three Hathys blocked the way! [Encounter with other Hathys]
  • Various guys appeared! [Encounter with Rudinn]
  • Smorgasboard. [Encounter with Rudinn and Jigsawry]
  • Hathy's body beats audibly. [Neutral]
  • Hathy smiled a darling smile. [Neutral]
  • Hathy is whispering a lovely spell. [Neutral]
  • Hathy has a little secret. [Neutral]
  • Smells like a soft kiss. [Neutral]
  • You told Hathy it has cool tentacles. It began to think about this... [Flatter]
  • You called Hathy a sweetheart. It began to think about this... [Flatter]
  • You told Hathy its teeth look like knives. It began to think about this... [Flatter]
  • You and Ralsei warned Hathy about Susie. The enemy went on guard. [Warned]
  • Hathy's beat slows. [Tired]
  • Hathy's beat seems to stutter. [Low HP]
  • Hathy is skipping beats. [Spare conditions met]



  • Their name might be derived from "Hati," Indonesian/Malaysian word for "Heart."
  • Though Hathy is usually referred to by the gender-neutral pronoun "it," Hathy is occasionally referred to as female.[3][4]
  • If the Manual is read to Hathy, they "listened politely," though nothing else happens.
  • If exactly one Hathy was defeated violently, it is still possible to get the peaceful ending of Chapter 1 by apologizing to the Hathy in Card Castle. Hathy and Rudinn are the only enemies which can be apologized to in this manner.[5]
  • Hathy (along with Lancer, Rudinn, Clover, King, Jevil and the uncredited King of Diamonds) was designed by kanotynes.
    • With the exception of Jevil, all of kanotynes's characters were fully designed by March 2012 – 6 years prior to the release of Deltarune.[2]
      • Hathy's earliest design was first posted on Tumblr on March 15, 2012 as a character on a jack of hearts playing card.[6]
  • Based on cut dialogue, a Hathy was supposed to accompany Clover in an encounter.[7]


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