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I'm the Hacker. I'm going after the blue checksmarks.


The Hacker is a character who is first met in the Cyber World. He offers an optional quest to the party and if solved will be recruited.



The Hacker appears as an anthropomorphic aquamarine computer cursor. He is fully dressed in black and sports sunglasses. He has a small brown nose. Just like a real cursor, his head turns into a pointing hand when touching something that can be interacted with.


Hacker's personality is based on a stereotypical security hacker. However, despite pretending he knows a lot about computers, he is shown to not truly understand what he is doing. In Cyber City he mentions trying to encrypt his signature by drawing random squiggles, and in the Queen's Mansion guest hall puzzles he tries "datamining the answers [to the puzzle] from the console," which just results in a child's toy playing a beep version of nursery rhyme music.

Main Story[]

Chapter 2[]

The Hacker is first met in Cyber Field, after the area where Sweet Cap'n Cakes are selling bagels. He requests the party collect three blue checkmarks. If the party collects all three blue checkmarks in Cyber Field and returns to tell him, he sets off fireworks in the shape of Kris, Susie and Ralsei’s faces. Once he sets off these fireworks, the Hacker starts to appear in other parts of Cyber World; until then, he only appears in Cyber Field.

In Cyber City, the Hacker can be found in an alleyway, complaining that a store didn't like his attempt to encrypt his signature by drawing random scribbles.

In Queen's Mansion, if Kris backtracks after solving one of the light puzzles, the Hacker is present in the corner, commenting that he's attempting to datamine the puzzle's solution. However, all he has managed to do is get a child's toy to play a beep version of a nursery rhyme.

In a room in Queen's Mansion filled with Queen statues, the Hacker can be found pacing back and forward, looking for a backdoor. When he walks in front of one of the stands, his head changes from a standard cursor to a finger cursor. Interacting with the object he points to opens a hidden door, leading to a room containing the entrance to the mansion's basement, where the secret boss, Spamton NEO, can be battled.

At the 2F Dinner Party Section A in Queen's Castle, the Hacker can be found dining while wearing a blond wig. His table partner complains that he has been telling everyone that he is a hacker. If the party did not collect the blue checkmarks, the Hacker's would-be table partner instead comments that someone is late due to something to do with blue checkmarks.

When assembling the Thrash Machine mecha to fight GIGA Queen, the Hacker contributes his "strongest JPEGs." If present, he increases the Thrash Machine's maximum HP by 5, capped at 250. If the party did not collect the blue checkmarks, his rollercoaster car remains empty.

If the party collected the three blue checkmarks and informed the Hacker, he travels to Castle Town with the rest of the Cyber World inhabitants. He can be found next to the cliff on the west side of town. When talked to, he says that the town is almost as good as the one he built in Minecrap, then comments that he needs to mine Bubsidian to make his dog multicolored.


  • He was designed by Samanthuel Louise Gillson.[1]
  • The way the Hacker is dressed references the Matrix movie series where the protagonists who are fighting against a virtual simulation are dressed in black longcoat and wear sunglasses.[2]
  • Minecrap, the game mentioned by the Hacker, is a parody of Minecraft.
    • Bubsidian, similarly, is a corruption of Obsidian.
    • Spamton also mentions Minecrap during the Snowgrave Route. When interacting with the door to the basement, he tells the party to go play Minecrap instead of disturbing him.


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