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Frayed Bowtie is an armor item. It is obtained by attempting to buy a "BSHOT BOWTIE" from Spamton in his shop, but the Frayed Bowtie is added to the inventory instead.

The Frayed Bowtie cannot be equipped by Susie and it gives +1AT, +1DF, and +1 Magic, instead of the advertised +50DF. However, it also reduces damage received by Spamton NEO-related bullets, as well as some bullets by Tasque and Tasque Manager, by 15%.

Flavor Text[]

  • Look. I have standards. [When attempting to equip it to Susie]
  • It's still wearable! [When equipping it to Ralsei]
  • (Reminds me of Asgore...)? [When equipping it to Noelle]