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Field, also known as "The Field of Hopes and Dreams," is an area with purple grass in the Card Kingdom. It consists of red-leaved trees and lengthy, twisting paths.

Main Story[]

Kris and Ralsei enter the Field in search of Susie, who departed on her own.

The two later confront Lancer, who is avoidant of Susie, as she had "beat [him] up." He "invites" the two to get "thrashed" by the various troops ahead, including Rudinns.

Unable to complete the second Clock puzzle, the two discover Susie in front of the closed door. Ralsei reasons that puzzle requires a third party member, and she begrudgingly joins. After the puzzle is solved, C. Round blocks the path, and Ralsei suggests teaching her how to ACT. Susie does not listen and FIGHTs instead, and knocks C. Round away.

After passing the door, Ralsei suggests Susie to not attack. He also informs Kris that enemies might need to be "WARNED" instead. Shortly after, they reencounter Lancer. Confident with his newly prepared team, he states "purple girl" cannot stop him and laughs. Susie interrupts him and ridicules his "evil laugh" and attempt at being "scary." She threatens to "bite his face off" and laughs. Impressed by her laugh, Lancer thanks her for the advice, and orders three Jigsawrys to attack.

After the party defeats the Jigsawrys, they progress to a box puzzle with a locked gate. When Ralsei attempts to read the instructions, he discovers it has been vandalized by "RK."

Once the puzzle is solved, the party leaves the Field, progressing to the Great Board.


Great Door[]

The Great Door is a gigantic black double door with ornate, gold patterns on the sides and a Delta Rune symbol at the center. It leads to Castle Town, though it remains closed for the entirety of Chapter 1. A SAVE Point is south of the Great Door. If Kris backtracks here after Susie joins the party, the SAVE Point's narration differs.

Great Door to Maze of Death[]

There is a relatively linear path of rooms between the Great Door and the Maze of Death. Lancer's signs are also scattered throughout the Field. Each sign taunts the party as they traverse the Field. The party can also encounter a Rudinn before finding Lancer. In the first split path, Kris can go south to find a sign that attempts to misinform about the nearby Dark Candy tree. Kris can take two Dark Candies from it.

In a separate room along the path, the party finds Top Chef. He explains that he had prepared his Top Cake here until he exhausted himself and had to sleep. However, he woke up to Susie devouring the cake "like an animal" and had to spritz water at her to shoo her away. Kris can take a portion of the Broken Cake to get it repaired. If Kris returns it, Top Chef rewards the party with a Spin Cake.

The next room consists of a patrolling Rudinn paired with a Hathy, and a Dark Candy tree beside the path. The first clock puzzle is located here.

Maze of Death[]

The Maze of Death is an area with slightly branching paths. Within it are more of Lancer's signs and "clobbered" Jigsawrys at the outskirts of two paths. If Kris goes west, there is a chest that contains White Ribbon. Upon opening the chest, Ralsei suggests Kris to equip it. If Kris chooses to immediately equip it to Ralsei instead, he is surprised and asks if it looks pretty. East leads to a lone Jigsawry, who warns the two of the "purple beast." At the end of the Maze, Lancer notices the two, and summons three Hathys to battle them. Kris and Ralsei clear the battle, as the enemy bullets were imbalanced.

Second Clock Puzzle[]

The second clock puzzle is located between the Maze of Death and Seam's Shop. This puzzle requires three party members to solve, so Susie reluctantly rejoins the party. After the puzzle is solved, the locked door opens.

Seam's Shop[]

Main article: Seam

Seam's Shop is north of this path and a SAVE Point is on its right. Seam is a Darkner who resembles a stitched cat plush with a button eye. Kris can converse with them to learn about Card Kingdom and its Darkners' history with Lightners, and the Knight's actions. If Kris mentions that the party are the "legendary" heroes, Seam is indifferent to the future.[1]

Left of this area is Jigsaw Joe. If Kris talks to him, he asks if they want to purchase a tutorial for 50 Dark Dollars. If Kris does not have enough, he still offers to aid the party. If Kris repeatedly declines, Jigsaw Joe lowers the price to 1D$, and Ralsei offers to pay instead. Regardless of outcome, he leads them to the next room. The area consists of a "Donation Hole" and a group of puzzle makers who were also fired by King. They set up a tutorial business "to make ends meet," and provides information about Kris, Susie, Ralsei, and TP. Kris can choose to donate 1D$ to the Donation Hole so it can become "Full."

After Kris converses with Jevil, they can return here to ask Seam about Jevil. Seam then explains their history, and that the Door Key must be repaired. They provide a hint for Broken Key B,[2] and gives Broken Key A.

Seam's Shop to Great Board[]

There is a small pathway between Seam's Shop and the Great Board. The Field Warp Door is located here, just right of Seam's Shop.

Just before the entrance to the Great Board is a block puzzle. While the puzzle is fairly simple, Rouxls Kaard has vandalized the instructions in an attempt to make it difficult for the party to solve it.

At the entrance to the Great Board, there is a north path that leads to a card suit puzzle. It has a set of spikes that blocks a chest that contains Broken Key C. Entering the suits in the same order as the Card Castle floors from bottom to top lowers the spikes. This order is Diamond, Heart, Club, Spade. The in game order is as follows - Diamond, Swap, Diamond, Spade, Swap, Spade.

Great Board[]

Main article: Great Board

The Great Board is a large area within the Field. While most of the Field's surface has the same texture as the rug in the unused classroom, the Great Board instead has a checkerboard surface.

The Great Board is a long narrow pathway surrounded by Ponmen. Various parts of the board surface flash white; stepping onto tiles that are flashing white causes the party to be warped backwards, to just before that group of tiles.

The Great Board connects to the Forest on its right side.


  • The Field is the only area to show the name of the music playing when it is entered.
    • The method of doing so seems to be similar to the Super Smash Bros. games (notably the newer ones).
  • If the party goes right without talking to Lancer, he mentions that they didn't talk to him.
  • If Kris attempts to donate 1D$ to the Donation Hole when they have zero Dark Dollars, there is different dialogue: "(You don't have enough money.) (You failed to budget enough money to throw into a hole...)"
    • It is not possible to see this text without selling and purchasing items, as encounters reward D$.
  • Donating to the Donation Hole alters Battle's Master's "Hole" dialogue in Party Dojo.
  • This area contains Broken Key A and C.
  • If Kris inspects the sign for the suits puzzle a second time, the text differs. "(Really emphasizing that it's impossible if you haven't been there...)"
  • In the unused classroom in the school, there is a large rug resembling the Field.


  1. It makes no difference to me. Neither Light nor Dark hold a future for a Darkner in my condition. - Seam
  2. I'll even give you a hint - Walk where the stars don't shine. - Seam