Field, also known as The Field of Hopes and Dreams, is a large, purple-colored, meadow-like area in the Dark World, characterized by its many twists and corners. In this area, enemies like Hathy and Rudinn first appear.

Main Story[edit | edit source]

Kris and Ralsei first enter Field after going through the Great Door in Castle Town, chasing after Susie who left the party shortly before. In the meantime, Lancer starts placing down signs throughout the field, primarily to taunt the party while they attempt to make their way through the Field's twists and turns.

Eventually, the party encounters Lancer, who tells them he ran away after Susie beat him up. The party continues and finds Top Chef and a Broken Cake. Top Chef mentions that Susie ate the cake, describing her as a "purple monster," and that they had to shoo her off. Kris can then take the Broken Cake.

After passing their first clock puzzle, the party continues into the Maze of Death, where they find more of Lancer's writing on signs. Within the maze, the party walks by multiple squashed Jigsawrys, one of which explains that Susie is responsible for clobbering all the Jigsawrys in the area. Once the party reaches the end of the maze, Lancer intercepts them and forces them to battle three Hathys. In the encounter however, Ralsei explains that Lancer's efforts are in vain, as Hathy is a support enemy and thus easy to defeat alone.

After the Hathys are defeated, the party finds Susie stuck, being unable to continue past a locked door without solving a puzzle that requires three party members. Because of this, Susie begrudgingly agrees to join the party, although she still refuses to listen to Kris's commands. After the party solves the puzzle and unlocks the door, Ralsei advises Kris to warn enemies for Susie's attacks in order to continue avoiding violence. Past the door, they find Seam's shop "Seap" and the first Warp Door.

Moving on, the party encounters Lancer once again, as he throws three Jigsawrys at them. After the party defeats the Jigsawrys, they move on to a locked gate and a box puzzle, whose instructions were vandalized by Rouxls Kaard. After solving the puzzle and going through the gate, the party finds a puzzle which, unknown to them, holds Broken Key C. A sign notes that they cannot solve the puzzle yet.

The party then leaves Field, progressing to the Great Board.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This area contains Broken Key A and C.
    • Broken Key A can be gained by talking to Seam after meeting Jevil.
    • Broken Key C is locked behind a puzzle.
  • The Field is the only area to show the name of the music playing when it is entered.
  • If the party goes right without talking to Lancer, he mentions that they didn't talk to him.

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