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Everyman is a recurring Easter egg that appears in Deltarune and Undertale.



Everyman is a white humanoid figure. Everyman's head has a long beak-like protuberance and a hollow-looking eye in the middle of their head.

Main Story[]

Chapter 1[]

Everyman in Jevil's attack

During Jevil's carousel attack, one of the ducks' heads may be replaced by Everyman's head.

Graffiti depicting Everyman and the text "Everyman" also appear on the back wall of the Hometown alley.

Chapter 2[]

Everyman can appear as one of the pop-up windows in Poppup's pop-up attack. Everyman's window uniquely has a black background, in contrast to other windows which have white backgrounds.

Everyman can also appear as one of the heads in Queen's DRAMA attack. Everyman uniquely does not emit any words in either phase—this contrasts with the other heads, which first emit horizontally-travelling white words, then emit red censored words in various directions after Queen starts drama.

Graffiti depicting Everyman and the text "Everyman" once again appears on the back wall of the Hometown alley right next to Ice-E.


  • In Undertale, Everyman appears as part of Reaper Bird's attacks.
  • The merch page "Spamton's SPECIL Fun Pak!!!"'s fake reviews have a chance of displaying Everyman.

    Everyman appearing in the "Spamton's SPECIL Fun Pak!!!"