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Out of anyone, I'm glad we randomly encountered all of you.

Ralsei flattering his opponents.

Encounters in Deltarune are battles against enemies at preset areas in a Dark World. It often initiates when Kris contacts an alerted enemy in the overworld. The enemy plays its hurt animation, and once the battle begins, the party cannot flee the battle. Instead, Kris can run away from enemies in the overworld when the Cancel key is pressed. This does not apply to bosses, however.

While the battle system is similar to Undertale's encounters, it differs. Distinct features include an overhead perspective, party members, and a TP percent bar. The battle menu has names and icons of party members, their current HP, and finally, the options. FIGHT, ACT, and ITEM return from Undertale, and MERCY is replaced with SPARE. Two new commands are MAGIC and DEFEND.

Beside stat changes, some weapons and armor have unique Abilities that can aid in battle.

Party's turn[]

Ralsei's turn, with Kris and Susie preparing to ACT and DEFEND respectively.

In Deltarune, up to three party members are controlled. Each character gets a chance to use their turn, with Kris always spending their turn first. Since multiple actions can be performed in the same turn, it is possible to end the battle in a few turns. Commands can also be cancelled and changed as long as the last character does not have a set command.

At the bottom of the screen, narrative-styled text and occasionally character dialogue appears:

  • When an encounter starts, the flavor text reflects the nature of the encounter. For example, "Rudinn and Hathy blocked the way!"
  • After the first turn, the flavor text describes or relates to one of the enemies in battle. It may also change depending on a chosen command.
  • The flavor text can also describe a party member's actions, whether it is from doing ACTs, or as a story element.

If an ally was "Downed" by an attack, they heal 13% of their maximum HP during this turn. A party member can also get back "Up" with 17% of their HP returned if their recovered HP is above 0. Both healing amounts is rounded up.


FIGHT icon.png

Though FIGHTing is unnecessary in this world...
There's no harm in a thorough lesson!


A party member selects an enemy to deal damage. Damage is based on input timing and the character's Attack stat.

Kris performing a critical attack on the Dummy.

  • When selecting FIGHT, a quick-time event occurs. A cursor slides across a meter from right to left. By pressing the Confirm key while the cursor is within the meter, the character attacks. Depending on how close the cursor is to the left, 2 through 4% TP is earned, and the damage increases. Otherwise, it results in a "MISS."
    • Hitting the Confirm key in the thin rectangle of the meter deals the most damage. If timed perfectly, 6% TP is earned. The indicators include a unique sound, the cursor turning yellow, and a set of stars from the attack.
    • The timing for each character's cursor can vary per turn, and does not always align.
  • In Chapter 1, Susie automatically attacks the topmost enemy in battle. She cannot be ordered to use other commands. Once Susie joins the party "for real," she can perform different commands.
  • When an enemy's HP is under 50%, they become Tired. This makes them prone to Ralsei or Noelle's Pacify or Sleep Mist respectively and can be spared.
  • If an enemy's HP reaches zero in Chapter 1 or Party Dojo's turn-based Challenges, the enemy flees the battle.
  • In Chapter 2, defeating enemies in Cyber World increases the party's stats.
  • As of Chapter 2, enemies become LOST if a certain amount of them are defeated through fighting. LOST enemies cannot be RECRUITed. This rule does not apply to some bosses.


ACT icon.png

ACTing! Through this, even the most violent enemies...
Can be defeated through various ACTs of kindness!


ACTing primarily resolves a fight peacefully. This command is exclusive to Kris and lets them "do many things." It costs 0 TP, as it is not magic. Kris selects an enemy, and can choose from one or more ACT options unique to that enemy.

  • Kris can Check any enemy in an encounter to know its name, ATK and DF stats, and extra flavor text about the enemy.
    • If Susie is Checked, it shows that her stats is identical prior to her teaming up with Lancer. The flavor text changes slightly if Susie has equipped armor.
  • In Chapter 2, Kris's solo ACT typically earns a higher Mercy percent than an ally's S/R/N-Action.
  • Certain ACTs require both Kris and a party member (rarely, all of them) to perform, spending their turns. However, these group ACTs are often better than solo ACTs.
  • Solo or group ACTs that involve Kris can differ asides from flavor text and fill the Mercy bar. Some can involve input, temporarily raise a stat, or cause costume changes.
  • In the majority of Chapter 1, Kris and Ralsei can "Warn" all enemies about Susie, causing all her attacks to miss. This is crucial to end battles peacefully.
  • Against some bosses, Kris's ACTs cost TP to perform. These can cause an effect, temporarily increase a stat, heal, or inflict extra damage. Group ACTs require an ally to cast an improved version of their Spell.

An enemy can be spared if their name is yellow.

  • Starting from Chapter 2, another visual indicator appears as a Mercy bar beside the enemy's HP bar. Depending on the ACT chosen, it increases the Mercy percent of an enemy. If the Mercy bar is at 100%, the enemy can be spared.
    • However, certain enemies have an "X" crossing out their Mercy bar. This indicates that they must be fought. This applies to GIGA Queen and the Snowgrave Route version of Spamton NEO.


MAGIC icon.png

The big orange TP bar on the left filled up a bit!
How about spending that TP on one of my SPELLs?


This command is exclusive to Susie, Ralsei, and Noelle. With enough TP, a party member can cast a Spell that can either harm/spare the enemy or benefit the party. Its effectiveness is primarily based on the character's Magic stat.

In Chapter 2, party members are able to perform a "Standard" ACT through the MAGIC command with S/R/N-Action. It costs 0 TP, and is available after battling Sweet Cap'n Cakes. This allows an ally to individually increase the Mercy percent of a selected enemy.

  • Susie's Spells are offensive and deal great damage to an enemy. Attacks do more damage if input is timed correctly, and damage is partially based on her Attack stat.
    • In Chapter 2, Susie learns "Ultimate Healing." It costs 100% TP and heals a minor amount of HP.
  • Ralsei's Spells are twofold: he can heal the party or spare Tired enemies.
  • Noelle's Spells are a mix between Susie and Ralsei. She can heal the party, spare enemies if they are Tired, or deal significant damage to an enemy.


ITEM icon.png

You really want to learn about ITEMS, Kris...? OK, I'll teach you!
You use them, and something that sufficient?


A consumable item from the Dark World inventory gets used. Items can restore HP to a character or all party members, revive a Downed ally or everyone, or fill a portion of the TP bar.

  • Some items such as Lancer Cookie restores more HP in battle than when used in the overworld.
  • Certain items have unique effects. In Chapter 1, the Manual can make Rudinns Tired, or cause Clover to be 50% sparable. Using a Glowshard makes Rudinns instantly sparable.


SPARE icon.png

If we SPARE all the enemies we meet, we'll never have to FIGHT!


Sparing all enemies ends the encounter peacefully. Due to the party member mechanics, it is possible to ACT and SPARE an enemy on the same turn.

  • SPARE can remove an enemy from the battle. This is only applicable if their name is yellow, and a star appears beside their name. Otherwise, the selected enemy briefly glows yellow and the text mentions "but its name wasn't YELLOW..."
    • Repeatedly using SPARE on an enemy gradually makes them spareable. The percent is typically less than an ACT, and is a tedious alternative if certain allies are "Down."
      • In Chapter 1, there is no visual indicator, though most enemies can be spared after ten attempts. Rudinn Ranger can be spared on the fifth SPARE.
    • In Chapter 2, the Mercy bar beside the HP bar is an additional indicator. It displays the percent progress for the enemy. Once the bar reaches 100%, the enemy can be spared.
  • An alternate method to Spare an enemy is by making them Tired through certain ACTs, if their HP is below 50%, or an item. This is indicated by the enemy's name being blue. Ralsei or Noelle can then cast Pacify or Sleep Mist respectively to SPARE Tired enemies.
    • An enemy's name can be a yellow and blue gradient if they are both Tired and can be spared. Either option will SPARE them.
  • Swatchlings can only be spared when the group's colors are matched through ACTs.
  • Sparing a certain amount of the same type of an enemy recruits them to Castle Town.
    • As of Chapter 2, the SAVE menu can display information for RECRUITed enemies. The Recruits option displays found enemies, progress, stats, and their element by default. When an enemy is successfully RECRUITed, their description, likes, and dislikes is visible.


DEFEND icon.png

Simply DEFEND, and the enemy's attack will hurt you less...
Not only that, but you'll also gather TP!


A character is set to DEFEND during the enemy's turn, and 16% TP is earned immediately. Damage is reduced based on the character's Defense stat.

  • DEFENDing is a consistent means of gaining TP besides "grazing" enemy attacks. This is crucial for casting Spells, or earning more Dark Dollars at the end of a battle.
  • Character turns can be considered to use a Spell instantly during the party's turn.

Enemy's turn[]

When shots aim directly, try to move SLOW.
They aim where you WERE, not where you GO.
Take advantage and move BIT BY BIT.
You'll gain TP but you won't get HIT.

Battle's Master

The enemy or enemies may speak before attacking. Text can be skipped by holding the Menu key, then pressing the Confirm key. They then select which party members to attack. This is represented by the white reticle with the word "TARGET" on the top left of the party member.

Immediately after, Kris's SOUL is placed in the Bullet Board, and enemies attempt to attack it. The SOUL can be moved to dodge bullets, or slowed down 50% by holding the Cancel key. If the SOUL gets hit, one of the targeted party members loses HP. Bullet attacks vary in color and type per enemy, and can include the enemy itself. Enemy attacks may overlap if there are multiple enemies.

When the SOUL is close to a bullet without getting hit, it "grazes" the attack. A white heart-shaped outline appears around the SOUL, and TP is earned based on how long the SOUL is near a bullet. An enemy's turn can also be shortened this way, though this does not apply to all enemies.

There are varying types of bullets:

  • White/Normal/Red: Deals damage normally.
  • Gray: Harmless; typically used for minor details in an attack.
  • Obscuring: Poppup and Queen has attacks that can cover the Bullet Board. Similar to gray attacks, these are harmless.
  • Flashing Red/Red Line: Does not deal damage, but rather warns the player of an incoming attack in that path/area.
  • Physical: Lancer, C. Round, and blue Swatchlings perform these type of attacks. They jump into the Bullet Board, and attempt to collide with the SOUL. They have the same effect as white bullets, though they don't disappear on contact with the SOUL.
  • Purple: Only used by Virovirokun. When a purple arrow bullet contacts a white bullet, it transforms and flies directly at the SOUL.
  • Dark-Blue: Can be shot at in Yellow mode.
  • Green: Heals party members on contact.
  • Dark Green: Spamton NEO uses dark green line bullets during his "telephones" attack. These do not harm the SOUL, and instead blocks the SOUL from moving past them.

An attack that causes a party member to fall "Down" leads to them having negative 50% of their maximum HP. This happens regardless of the character DEFENDing.

Bullet Board[]

The Bullet Board.

The Bullet Board is an unofficial term for the box the SOUL is placed into during the enemy's turn. It is generally in the shape of a square, and the border restricts the SOUL's movement.

Some boss fights manipulate the board. They can change its rotation, shape, size, and position dynamically:

  • Jevil's "Final Chaos" extends the Bullet Board to the edges of the screen.
  • Four of King's attacks can have the box dragged up and down, pulled by his chain, or bounced around a white outer box.
  • In Berdly's second battle, the Bullet Board tilts in an acute angle during his tornado attack.
  • Both of Spamton's fights distorts the Bullet Board's shape by sucking it in.
  • Tasque Manager alters the Bullet Board shape to a 'Simon Says'-like minigame. It consists of a diamond divided into four quadrants when the party performs the "Order" or "Order X" ACTs. She is currently the only non-boss who can transform the Bullet Board.
  • Queen can electrocute the borders of the bullet board and spin it around. She can also trap the SOUL inside a drinking glass-shaped Bullet Board.

Status Effects[]

There are currently five Status Effects that affect participants directly in a battle.


If an ally receives more damage than their remaining HP, their HP becomes negative 50% of their maximum HP. They do not receive additional damage during an enemy's turn.

During the party's turn, the Downed ally's turn is skipped, and they heal 13% of their maximum HP. Healing items or more turns can get the party member back "Up" if their HP is above 0. If a character gets "Up" at the start of a party turn, they recover 17% of their maximum HP. If a character is Down upon winning an encounter, they recover 12% of their maximum HP. All healing amounts is rounded up.


An enemy in this state can be spared through a Pacify or Sleep Mist Spell. This removes them from the battle.

The Tired state is caused by some ACTs, if an enemy's HP is below 50%, and, for Rudinns, reading Ralsei's Manual.


The targeted enemy falls asleep, and cannot attack. In this state, they can be defeated or spared. Similar to the Tired status effect, a Pacify Spell can be performed on them. Susie wakes after a few turns.

The Sleepy state is caused by Kris ordering Ralsei to sing a lullaby. It only affects Ponman and Susie (both as an ally and as an enemy).


In Chapter 1, Susie's attacks against a Warned enemy miss until the battle is over. Essential to winning a battle peacefully.

The Warned state is caused by Kris and Ralsei warning all enemies through an ACT. This does not apply to C. Round, however.


Frozen enemies are defeated. As long as the game is on the Snowgrave Route, Frozen enemies remain in the overworld, and do not respawn.

It can only be inflicted by Noelle when she defeats an enemy with her IceShock Spell. This is vital to complete the Snowgrave Route, as enemies cannot flee when their HP depletes to zero.

End conditions[]

An encounter may have two outcomes:


All enemies are removed from the battle, either through peaceful or violent means. Downed allies recover 12% of their maximum HP, rounded up. Dark Dollars gets rewarded depending on the enemies fought, and the amount of extra TP left. EXP is mentioned as well, though throughout Chapter 1, no EXP is gained at all.


HP of all party members reaches zero. The SOUL breaks in half and shatters, and the Game Over screen is presented. Depending on the Chapter and available allies, nothing or dialogue from either the Voice, Ralsei, or Susie appears. Shortly after, there is a prompt to choose to continue the game or not. If choosing to continue the game, the game loads to the last SAVE Point before the encounter. Otherwise, the same voice mentions that "THE WORLD WAS COVERED IN DARKNESS." The game then reverts to a black screen, and plays the track "Darkness Falls."


  • When a character is set to ACT, their icon changes to a set of lines similar to Undertale's ACT command.
  • After a party member completes their command, the icon changes back to their face icon.
  • Susie, Ralsei, and Noelle has a different hurt sprite icon when they receive damage. This is not visible if they are set to DEFEND.
  • The Bullet Board in Deltarune has a green border, which contrasts Undertale's white. This color change may have been done to prevent confusion, as green is not a color typically used for bullets.