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The Egg is a secret key item. It can be acquired from a man in the hidden area in Forest that the party may randomly encounter, as well as a hidden area in Cyber City from the same man behind the tree.

If acquired, the Egg remains in Kris's inventory when returning from the Dark World. The Egg disappears from the inventory regardless of its use at the end of the Chapter.

Additional Uses[]

  • In Chapter 1, the Egg can be put in Asgore's refrigerator. Checking the fridge again reveals there are "two Eggs inside the fridge."[1]
    • If the Egg is dropped, one egg appears in Asgore's refrigerator instead.[2] This egg also appears if the refrigerator is inspected a second time without having the Egg.[1]
  • In Chapter 2, the Egg can be placed in the basket of eggs in Sans's store. Susie also jokes about Kris "reverse-stealing" the egg.
    • The Egg also disappears from the inventory after interacting with the top-right rack or bell in the store. Checking the "eggpile" shows that there are "more eggs than usual."
  • The Egg can be dropped, which results in the unique text: "What Egg?"
    • However, the Egg reappears in the Kris's inventory if they reenter the Dark World.
  • After speaking with Temmie in the classroom at the end of Chapter 2, she places an egg on the table if the Egg in Cyber City was found. Interacting with this egg displays the number of Eggs found in the game, regardless of what has been done with them.


  • Unlike other items in the party's inventory, the Egg does not disappear or change into something else after Kris leaves the Dark World.
  • Kris puts the Egg in Asgore's fridge or the basket of eggs without a prompt upon inspecting these objects.
  • Pipis are occasionally referred to as eggs.[3][4]
  • The Egg is possibly referencing Easter eggs, which are hidden objects or references within a game.
  • The text that appears when the egg is disposed of is likely a reference to the recurring phrase "What pumpkin?," a running gag throughout the MS Paint Adventures webcomic series, which Toby Fox made music for.


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