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The Dummy is an enemy encountered in Castle Town.

Main Story[]

Ralsei created the Dummy to teach Kris about the mechanics of combat. When Kris arrives in the room with the Dummy, Ralsei starts a fight with it if Kris requests a tutorial. After the battle, Ralsei gives Kris the Manual to help them remember how to fight, although it cannot be read.

In Battle[]


  • An easy-to-avoid spray of 1-damage circular bullets. This attack is only used once.


In battle, Ralsei's instructions can be followed, which includes a tutorial on fighting, ACTing, defending, spells, and sparing. Additionally, they may perform several actions that earn comments from Ralsei:

  • Hug the dummy instead of fighting. This causes Ralsei to later mention how the dummy would be tired if Kris had attacked it.
  • Hug Ralsei, which causes him to become flustered. This does not progress the fight, and the dummy passes the turn to Kris immediately.
  • Use an item, which prompts Ralsei to tell Kris that he did not explain items because they seemed self-explanatory.
    • If an item is used repeatedly, Ralsei ends the battle.[1]
  • Fight the dummy until Ralsei ends the battle. Ralsei wonders if Kris is trying to say something about how they feel towards him.
  • Spare the dummy several times, which does not progress the battle.
  • Defend against the dummy several times, causing Ralsei to be confused.
    • If Kris repeatedly defends, Ralsei ends the fight.
  • Use Ralsei's Heal Prayer spell.
  • Hug the dummy after it can be spared, which does not progress the battle.
  • Wait several turns before using Ralsei's Pacify spell. Ralsei wonders if Kris is capable of asking Ralsei to perform spells. This does not progress the fight.
  • Attack and miss the dummy until Ralsei asks that they move on to something else. Kris can choose to move on with the regular tutorial at this point.
    • If Kris misses again instead of continuing, Ralsei ends the battle.
  • If Kris tries to get Ralsei to attack, the command does not work and it returns to Ralsei's original options.


  • Originally, instead of the Dummy, Ralsei himself might have been the enemy in his tutorial based on cut dialogue in the game strings.[2]
  • The first sentence of Dummy's Check text is identical to the first sentence of the Check text for Dummy from Undertale.


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