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The Dummy is an enemy encountered in Castle Town. It serves as a tutorial for battle.



The Dummy is made of cotton and a black fur, it has no arms and stands on a pipe leg. It is clothed to look like Ralsei, with an identical green hat, green coat and a pink scarf. It also has green glasses with eyes drawn on it.


Being presumably lifeless, the Dummy has no personality. It does, however, attack Kris during battle, which implies it has some magic properties.

Main Story[]

Chapter 1[]

Ralsei created the Dummy to teach Kris about the mechanics of combat. When Kris arrives in the room with the Dummy, Ralsei starts a fight with it if Kris requests a tutorial. After the battle, Ralsei gives Kris the Manual to help them remember how to fight, although it cannot be read.

Chapter 2[]

At the beginning of the chapter, before Kris has brought the inhabitants from the Card Kingdom into Castle Town, Kris can hug the Dummy, thinking no one is watching, but upon returning, Susie mocks them for it.

When the town is re-populated, the Worm from the Forest can be seen eating the Dummy's clothes. Kris can do the same, which upsets Ralsei.

After coming back from the Cyber World, An Addison has taken the clothes off the Dummy, much to Ralsei's outrage, and put them on their own Dummy, selling free samples of clothing for $4.99.

In Battle[]


  • An easy-to-avoid spray of 1-damage circular bullets. This attack is only used once.


In battle, Ralsei's instructions can be followed, which includes a tutorial on fighting, ACTing, defending, spells, and sparing. Additionally, they may perform several actions that earn comments from Ralsei:

  • Hug the dummy instead of fighting. This causes Ralsei to later mention how the dummy would be tired if Kris had attacked it. This also skips the fighting part of the tutorial.
  • Hug Ralsei, which causes him to become flustered. This does not progress the fight, and the dummy passes the turn to Kris immediately.
  • Use an item, which prompts Ralsei to tell Kris that he did not explain items because they seemed self-explanatory.
    • If an item is used repeatedly, Ralsei ends the battle.[1]
  • Fight the dummy until Ralsei ends the battle. Ralsei wonders if Kris is trying to say something about how they feel towards him.
  • Spare the dummy several times, which does not progress the battle.
  • Defend against the dummy several times, causing Ralsei to be confused.
    • If Kris repeatedly defends, Ralsei ends the fight.
  • Use Ralsei's Heal Prayer spell.
  • Hug the dummy after it can be spared, which does not progress the battle.
  • Wait several turns before using Ralsei's Pacify spell. Ralsei wonders if Kris is capable of asking Ralsei to perform spells. This does not progress the fight.
  • Attack and miss the dummy until Ralsei asks that they move on to something else. Kris can choose to move on with the regular tutorial at this point.
    • If Kris misses again instead of continuing, Ralsei ends the battle.
  • If Kris tries to get Ralsei to attack, the command does not work and it returns to Ralsei's original options.


  • Originally, instead of the Dummy, Ralsei himself might have been the enemy in his tutorial based on cut dialogue in the game strings.[2]
  • The first sentence of Dummy's Check text is identical to the first sentence of the Check text for Dummy from Undertale.


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