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The Disk is a pair of key items in Chapter 2 of Deltarune.

The Empty Disk is found in the basement of Queen's Mansion. It can be retrieved from the broken robot in the rightmost area of the basement.

If Kris gives the disk to Spamton in his Trash Zone shop, he and the entire store are transferred to the disk. The item then becomes the Loaded Disk. If Kris inserts it in the robot, the newly-transformed Spamton NEO ambushes Kris as they leave. However, Susie and Ralsei arrive to help Kris.

Additional Uses[]

  • Kris can attempt to put the Loaded Disk inside the Mannequin (which resembles Spamton) in Cyber City. However, it "squirms" and does not fit.
    • The Loaded Disk has no unique interaction with the Mannequin in Castle Town, despite it seemingly being the same mannequin.