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The Devilsknife is a weapon obtained after defeating Jevil through fighting. If Jevil is defeated by ACTing, the Jevilstail is obtained instead.

The Devilsknife can only be equipped by Susie and it gives +5 AT, +4 Magic and reduces Rude Buster's TP cost by 10.

Flavor Text[]

  • Let the games begin! [When equipping it to Susie]
  • It's too, um, evil. [When attempting to equip it to Ralsei]
  • ...? It smiled at me? [When attempting to equip it to Noelle]


  • Despite being called Devilsknife, its appearance is closer to that of a scythe. Checking the item reveals that it is in fact a scythe-ax hybrid.
  • Jevil's dialogue after beating him by fighting: "TAKE ME AND DO YOUR STRONGEST!" and the fact that he turns into Devilsknife in battle suggests that the Devilsknife is actually Jevil himself.
  • Similarly to Jevilstail, Devilsknife cannot be sold and shopkeepers react to it as they would to an empty inventory slot.