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The Devilsknife is a weapon obtained after defeating Jevil through fighting. If Jevil is defeated by ACTing, the Jevilstail is obtained instead.

In Chapter 2, if the Chapter 2 save file did not continue from a Chapter 1 save file that had defeated Jevil, but Jevil has been defeated in any Chapter 1 save file, the Devilsknife may be found hidden in the hole in the wall to the left of Castle Town before leaving the upgraded Castle Town for the first time. If not obtained then, it becomes available again upon returning to Castle Town if Spamton NEO has been defeated.

The Devilsknife can only be equipped by Susie and gives +5 AT, +4 Magic, and reduces Rude Buster's TP cost by 10.

Flavor Text[]

  • Let the games begin! [When equipping it to Susie]
  • It's too, um, evil. [When attempting to equip it to Ralsei]
  • ...? It smiled at me? [When attempting to equip it to Noelle]


  • Despite its name suggesting it is a knife, its appearance is closer to that of a scythe. Checking the item reveals that it is in fact a scythe-ax hybrid.
  • Jevil's dialogue after beating him by fighting, "TAKE ME AND DO YOUR STRONGEST!" and the fact that he turns into Devilsknife in-battle suggest that the Devilsknife is actually Jevil himself. An unused recruitment entry in Chapter 2 states that "he became DEVILSKNIFE to the pocket."
    • When attempting to equip the Devilsknife to Noelle, she comments on how it is smiling at her, providing further evidence on said inference.
  • The Jevilstail and Devilsknife cannot be sold. In Chapter 1, shopkeepers react to them like empty inventory slots.[1] In Chapter 2, shopkeepers instead have unique dialogue refusing to purchase them. This also applies to Spamton NEO's items.
  • If the Devilsknife is equipped while fighting Tasque Manager, she comments on it,[2] implying she recognizes it as Jevil and has met him before.
  • Susie’s text when equipping it quotes Jevil’s encounter text.


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