Deltarune Wiki

Deltarune Wiki Discussions, in addition to the regular wiki policy, follow an additional set of rules and guidelines. These must be read and respected when communicating with other users over the Discussions platform.

  1. Categorize your posts appropriately and stay on-topic for the category the post is categorized under. In case you continuously categorize your posts under the wrong category you will be warned and, eventually, blocked.
    • General: Deltarune-related discussion such as theories goes in this category. Deltarune-related questions such as game tips and polls should go to the Q&A category. Despite the board name, this category is only for Deltarune-related discussion. The category's name cannot be changed due to restrictions placed by Fandom, but if it could, it would be named Deltarune Discussion.
    • Questions & Answers: Deltarune-related questions such as game assistance and tips go here. Deltarune-related questions that have no definite answer should not be posted in this category, as old and answered posts here will be periodically locked. Wiki-related assistance requests are also okay to post here.
    • Wiki Discussion: All wiki-related matters should be posted here (examples: community votes, content discussions.) Wiki-related questions (examples: "how do I put an image in an infobox," "how do I use Discussions") should instead go to the Q&A category. Discussions that reached a conclusion will be locked.
    • Fun & Games: For forum games and less serious Deltarune-related discussions. Do not create low-effort posts (meme posts included) in this category.
    • News & Announcements: Important wiki-related and Deltarune-related announcements. Old posts in this category will be periodically locked.
  2. If your post does not belong in any category, do not post it in Deltarune Wiki Discussions. Instead, feel free to use another wiki's Discussions for your post. There are two rules to help determine whether your post belongs in Deltarune Wiki Discussions:
    • If your post does not encourage discussion, it does not belong in Deltarune Wiki Discussions.
    • If your post is of personal nature and not related to the game itself (examples: art requests, self-promotions, "I am new here," "I am back") it belongs on a personal feed.
  3. Backseat moderation in any form is strictly prohibited.
  4. Topics that do not belong in Deltarune Wiki Discussions include:
    • Roleplay: Use the Undertale RP Wiki or r/Deltarune instead.
    • Original characters: Feel free to create a Deltarune OC Wiki or use the Undertale OC Wiki or aforementioned sites instead.
    • Ships: Please do not discuss ships in Deltarune Wiki Discussions.
  5. Deltarune-related art should only be posted in this post. When the old post reaches the reply limit, contact an administrator to create a new post. Please credit the original artist properly (if that is you, mention it either way) or your post will be deleted. Similarly to art, Deltarune-related memes are only to be posted in this post. These two posts are exempt from policies deciding whether they are on-topic or not.
  6. Posts whose only meaningful content is a poll that does not encourage discussion are not allowed. As an example, poll posts that are considered to encourage discussion are posts that also mention how users can elaborate on their answers in the replies and/or encourage them to reply with options that weren't included.
  7. If you have a post/reply to report, you can do so using the Report button. If you have something on the wiki to report or the Report button does not hold enough context for your report, you can use the admin reports post. Separate posts for either of these will be deleted.
  8. Necroposting in posts that have clearly served their purpose (such as questions from the Q&A board) is not allowed.
  9. Avoid duplicate posts as much as possible. If your topic has already been talked about in a still-open post, your post will be removed and you will be notified of the new post via Message Walls.
  10. Wiki-related community votes follow a specific structure:
    • They must have the goal clearly stated in the original post.
    • Votes in the replies must use a valid reason for supporting or opposing the goal from the original post. If they do not, they will not be counted as valid votes.

If you violate any of these rules you will be notified via your Message Wall about it and your post/reply will be deleted. Persistent rule violations will lead to a block from the wiki.