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The Dealmaker is an armor item obtained after defeating Spamton NEO through ACTing in the normal route. If Spamton is defeated by fighting, the Puppet Scarf is obtained instead.

The Dealmaker gives +5 DF and +5 Magic, and can be equipped by any party member. It reduces damage from some bullets by 40%, most notably Spamton NEO-related bullets as well as some bullets by Tasque and Tasque Manager. It also gives the ability to increase the Dark Dollars gained from any encounter by 30%. It cannot be sold.

Flavor Text[]

  • Money, that's what I need. [When equipping to Susie]
  • Two pairs of glasses? [When equipping to Ralsei]
  • (Seems... familiar?) [When equipping it to Noelle]


  • The item's description seems to suggest it to be the same glasses Spamton is seen wearing throughout the game, or at least of a shared appearance.