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Our purpose - Darkners' purpose - is to assist them. It's the only way we can feel truly fulfilled.

Ralsei to Lancer

Darkners are beings that inhabit the Dark World and keepers of the Dark Fountains within it.


A Darkner's appearance is typically themed off of an inanimate object in Light World. For example, Chapter 1's Darkners resemble playing cards, board pieces, and toys from the Unused Classroom. In contrast, Chapter 2's Darkners are electronics, software components, and computer programs. They reflect the Computer Lab in the Library.

Darkners also are capable of using magic. Their attacks correspond with their object and their original Dark World. For example, most Card Kingdom Darkners attack with spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs. Cyber World Darkners use attacks related to pop-up boxes, electricity, lasers, etc.

Darkners can be transferred to other Dark Worlds if Kris transports their Light World counterpart. They can also be recruited if they are spared, or other merciful means outside of encounters. However, if a Darkner stays in a different Dark World, they eventually turn to stone. Ralsei is the only Darkner exempt from these effects. He does not turn to stone and traverses to other Dark Worlds seemingly by himself.

Some Darkners also have knowledge that does not pertain to Dark World. Darkners can be aware of where a Dark World takes place within Hometown.[1] They can also recall their Hometown counterpart's interactions with Lightners.[2] Additionally, Darkners can offer advice on game controls,[3] gameplay,[4] and SAVING.[5] However, their knowledge can be limited. An example of this is Jigsaw Joe being unfamiliar with the Warp Door he can aid in repairing.[6]

Main Story[]


According to the Prophecy, Darkners and Lightners once lived in harmony. The Earth would be doomed to a destruction known as The Roaring if the balance of Light and Dark were to be disrupted, a phenomenon caused by an excess of Dark Fountains.

This doom can only be averted by the Delta Warriors, who will restore the balance of Light and Dark by sealing the Fountains and casting away "the Angel's Heaven". In the abandoned Castle Town surrounding the original Dark Fountain, the lonely Ralsei awaited the Prophecy's other two heroes, hoping to avert the destruction of the world.

The people of the Card Kingdom remember living in harmony with the Lightners, but they now believe that the Lightners abandoned them and trapped them in a sealed realm without a purpose. Recently, a strange Knight appeared and led one of the kingdom's four Kings to rebel, annexing the realms of the three other Kings and forcing their citizens to serve him and obey his son, Lancer. Around the same time, a new Dark Fountain emerged near his Card Castle, disrupting the balance of Light and Dark, and the court jester, influenced by someone to believe that the world was only a game, was imprisoned on orders of the four Kings by the court magician, who then left the castle too.

Enraged and heartbroken by the Lightners' abandonment, King came to believe that the emergence of "holy" Dark Fountains to further disrupt the Balance would cast the world into eternal darkness instead of destroying it, allowing Darkners to take rulership and inflict suffering on Lightners. Many of his former staff, fired during his rages, were imprisoned or forced to find work elsewhere in his Dark World.

Chapter 1[]

With the appearance of the prophesied heroes, Ralsei leaves Castle Town to accompany them to the second Dark Fountain. Along the way, they meet King's son, who had been ordered to stop them and who orders groups of Darkner fighters to oppose them. Despite initial friction, the party eventually reaches Card Castle and confronts King, with the battle's aftermath depending on how they treated their enemies along the way. The Lightner heroes proceed to the second Dark Fountain, where they return to their own world.

Chapter 2[]

The Darkners of the Cyber World are largely on good terms with Lightners, unlike those from the Card Kingdom. The only possible exception is Queen, the eccentric monarch of the Dark World, led astray by the Knight's power; convinced that creating more Dark Fountains and thus Dark Worlds creates further prosperity for her subjects, not knowing the true consequences of disrupting the balance between light and dark.

In order to accomplish her mission, she plans to capture Lightners (notably Noelle Holiday), knowing that Lightners with strong determination can create Dark Fountains, much as the Knight could. She changes her mind about her plan quite quickly after learning the true nature of The Roaring from Ralsei.

Known Darkners[]

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  • The dialogue portraits of Darkners appear in color, as opposed to the monochrome Undertale-style dialogue portraits of Lightners.
  • As Lancer's colors began to fade in Chapter 2, he comments that he felt "very... cold..." before he eventually turns to stone.


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