The Dark Fountains are power sources that give the Dark World form. Only the Fountain of Darkness is supposed to be standing, but according to King, the Knight has been opening new Fountains. The Prophecy says that the three Heroes of Light are destined to close the Fountains to restore balance to Light and Dark.

Fountain of Darkness[edit | edit source]

The Fountain of Darkness towers above Castle Town, visible at or near the castle Ralsei, the Prince of Darkness, lives in. In Ralsei's prophecy, he states that the Fountain of Darkness "gives this land form."

Eastern Fountain[edit | edit source]

The Eastern Fountain is the second Dark Fountain that Ralsei mentions in his prophecy, created by the Knight and threatening to upset the balance of Light and Dark. It stands at King's Card Castle, and is presumably closed using the power of Kris's human SOUL at the end of Chapter 1.

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