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The Dark Dollar (D$) is the main form of currency in the Dark World. It is primarily earned at the end of encounters, or from selling items and equipment in shops. One-time caches of D$ can also be found in various places in each Dark World.


Dark Dollars can be used to purchase items from shopkeepers, such as Seam and Swatch. Dark Dollars can also be spent at other vendors, such as the Bake Sale stands or the Addison who sells the Mannequin. In Spamton's shop, despite being referred to as "KROMER," Dark Dollars are still used.

In the Field, Dark Dollars can be used to purchase a tutorial from the Jigsaw Joe. However, he gives the tutorial for free if Kris repeatedly declines to pay, or does not have enough Dark Dollars.

West of Seam's Shop, 1 Dark Dollar can be donated to the "Donation Hole." If donated, Battle's Master's "Hole" dialogue in Chapter 2 differs.


D$ can be earned through various methods in the game:

  • The party earns D$ when a battle is won. Leftover TP remaining at the conclusion of a battle is converted into extra D$. The party can earn extra D$ by repeatedly encountering recurring enemies.
  • Items and equipment can be sold to shopkeepers (except Spamton) for Dark Dollars.
  • In the Forest:
    • A room east of the Bake Sale contains a chest with 40 D$.
    • Further east in the Bake Sale to Maze area. Kris can receive 40 D$ from the ambulatory portion of the Starwalker Bird per interaction. This can only be done from the east side of the room. Once Kris rings the bell, they chase after and can receive D$ from "Starwalker's ambient luster."
  • Three of the Party Dojo challenges reward the party with Dark Dollars the first time they are completed.
    • Completing "Jigsaw Joe" rewards the party with 1 D$.
    • Completing "Graze Challenge 1" rewards the party with 100 D$.
    • Completing "Tasque Manager Says" rewards the party with 250 D$.
  • At Cyber City, a trash can containing 20 D$ can be found in the room preceding the one where Noelle joins the party.
  • Two trash cans, containing 20 D$ and 80 D$, can be found in the room preceding the second Berdly fight.
  • A chest on floor B1 of Queen's Mansion contains 1 D$.


  • "KROMER" is likely a misspelling of "Krone/Krone" (plural: Kroner) or "Krona" (plural: Kronor), the basic units of currency in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.