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Cover for the Chapter 1 OST on Bandcamp

DELTARUNE Chapter 1 OST is the official soundtrack for the first chapter of Deltarune. It was released on Bandcamp on November 1, 2018,[1] on Spotify on November 20, 2018[2] and on iTunes on November 23, 2018.[3] The OST was solely composed by the creator of the game, Toby Fox.

Official Track List[]

Note: Leitmotifs categorized as "minor" on the leitmotifs page are italicized. When applicable, the subset of a group of leitmotifs that a song is a part of is written after the parent group in parentheses.

1ANOTHER HIM00:48Plays while creating a vessel.-
2Beginning00:57Plays while driving to school.Once Upon a Time, Don't Forget
3School01:20Plays in Ms. Alphys's classroom.Snowdin, Don't Forget
4Susie00:27Susie's theme.-
5The Door00:41Plays when Kris and Susie find the very dark supply closet.The Door
6Cliffs00:35Plays in the ?????? location.-
7The Chase00:33Plays when Lancer attacks Kris and Susie in the ?????? and when Rudinn Rangers chase Kris when they are about to reach Card Castle.-
8The Legend01:51Plays while Ralsei explains the legend.The Legend, The Legend (bassline)
9Lancer00:48Lancer's overworld theme.Lancer
10Rude Buster01:15Plays during during non-boss fights.Determination
11Empty Town01:23Plays in Castle Town after hearing Ralsei's Legend.The Legend, The Legend (bassline)
12Weird Birds00:16Plays in the area just past the Great Door and when walking with Susie and Lancer to Card Castle.-
13Field of Hopes and Dreams02:41Plays in the Field.Don't Forget
14Fanfare (from Rose of Winter)00:15Plays whenever a character joins the party.-
15Lantern01:08Plays (slowed down) in Seam's shop.The Legend (bassline), Determination
16I'm Very Bad00:13Plays when Lancer intercepts the team halfway across the Great Board.Lancer
17Checker Dance01:18Plays during fights with a King Round.-
18Quiet Autumn00:49Plays in peaceful parts of the Forest.-
19Scarlet Forest02:08Plays in the Forest.Don't Forget
20Thrash Machine00:54Plays while constructing a Thrashing Machine for Lancer and Susie.Lancer
21Vs. Lancer00:42Plays while fighting Lancer.Lancer
22Basement00:27Plays in the Prison in Card Castle.Card Castle
23Imminent Death00:20Plays during Susie's scene before fighting against Lancer.Your Best Nightmare
24Vs. Susie01:21Plays during Susie's fight against Lancer in Card Castle's dungeon.Your Best Nightmare
25Card Castle01:01Plays in Card Castle.Lancer, Card Castle
26Rouxls Kaard00:19Plays while encountering Rouxls Kaard.-
27April 201200:20Plays in the Club room in Card Castle.-
28Hip Shop00:39Plays in Rouxls Kaard's shop.-
30Chaos King01:46Plays while fighting King.The Legend, Card Castle, Lancer
31Darkness Falls01:06Plays if choosing not to persist after a game over.-
32The Circus00:51Plays on floor ?????? where Jevil is located.The Legend (bassline)
33THE WORLD REVOLVING01:41Plays while fighting Jevil.The Door, THE WORLD REVOLVING, Don't Forget
34Friendship02:40Plays when Kris decides to say goodbye to the Darkners before going back home, once the party has defeated King without lowering any enemy's HP to 0.Don't Forget
35THE HOLY00:48Plays while standing in front of the Dark Fountain.-
36Your Power00:13Plays when Kris releases their SOUL to close the Dark Fountain and escape the Dark World.Don't Forget
37A Town Called Hometown01:53Plays in Hometown.The Legend (bassline), Snowdin, Don't Forget
38You Can Always Come Home01:40Plays in Kris and Toriel's home after coming home from school.Once Upon a Time, Don't Forget
39Laura Shigihara - Don't Forget00:51Plays during the ending credits.Don't Forget
40Before the Story01:28Plays on the menu screen after beating the chapter at least once.Once Upon a Time



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