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Cover for the Chapter 1 OST on Bandcamp

DELTARUNE Chapter 1 OST is the official soundtrack for the first chapter of Deltarune. It was released on Bandcamp on November 1, 2018,[1] on Spotify on November 20, 2018[2] and on iTunes on November 23, 2018.[3] The OST was solely composed by the creator of the game, Toby Fox.

Official Track List[]

Note: Leitmotifs categorized as "minor" on the leitmotifs page are italicized. When applicable, the subset of a group of leitmotifs that a song is a part of is written after the parent group in parentheses.

1ANOTHER HIM00:48Plays while creating a vessel.-
2Beginning00:57Plays while driving to school.Once Upon a Time, Don't Forget
3School01:20Plays in Ms. Alphys's classroom.Snowdin, Don't Forget
4Susie00:27Susie's theme.-
5The Door00:41Plays when Kris and Susie find the very dark supply closet, and plays in Chapter 2 when Kris and Susie find the very dark computer lab door.The Door
6Cliffs00:35Plays in ?????? and the Great Board.-
7The Chase00:33Plays when Lancer attacks Kris and Susie in the ?????? and when Rudinn Rangers chase Kris when they are about to reach Card Castle. Also plays in Chapter 2 at the beginning of Annoying Mouse Puzzle 3-
8The Legend01:51Plays while Ralsei explains the legend.The Legend, The Legend (bassline)
9Lancer00:48Lancer's overworld theme.Lancer
10Rude Buster01:15Plays during during non-boss fights.Determination
11Empty Town01:23Plays in Castle Town after hearing Ralsei's Legend and in Chapter 2 in Castle Town before bringing all the items from the unused classroom into the town.The Legend, The Legend (bassline)
12Weird Birds00:16Plays in the area just past the Great Door and when walking with Susie and Lancer to Card Castle.-
13Field of Hopes and Dreams02:41Plays in the Field.Don't Forget
14Fanfare (from Rose of Winter)00:15Plays whenever a character joins the party.-
15Lantern01:08Plays (slowed down) in Seam's shop.The Legend (bassline), Determination
16I'm Very Bad00:13Plays when Lancer intercepts the team halfway across the Great Board.Lancer
17Checker Dance01:18Plays during fights with a King Round.-
18Quiet Autumn00:49Plays in peaceful parts of the Forest.-
19Scarlet Forest02:08Plays in the Forest.Don't Forget
20Thrash Machine00:54Plays while constructing a Thrashing Machine for Lancer and Susie.Lancer
21Vs. Lancer00:42Plays while fighting Lancer.Lancer
22Basement00:27Plays in the Prison in Card Castle.Card Castle
23Imminent Death00:20Plays during Susie's scene before fighting against Lancer.Your Best Nightmare
24Vs. Susie01:21Plays during Susie's fight against Lancer in Card Castle's dungeon.Your Best Nightmare
25Card Castle01:01Plays in Card Castle.Lancer, Card Castle
26Rouxls Kaard00:19Plays while encountering Rouxls Kaard.-
27April 201200:20Plays in the Club room in Card Castle.-
28Hip Shop00:39Plays in Rouxls Kaard's shop and Swatch's shop in Chapter 2.-
30Chaos King01:46Plays while fighting King.The Legend, Card Castle, Lancer
31Darkness Falls01:06Plays if choosing not to persist after a game over.-
32The Circus00:51Plays on floor ?????? where Jevil is located.The Legend (bassline), THE WORLD REVOLVING
33THE WORLD REVOLVING01:41Plays while fighting Jevil.The Door, THE WORLD REVOLVING, Don't Forget
34Friendship02:40Plays when Kris decides to say goodbye to the Darkners before going back home, once the party has defeated King without lowering any enemy's HP to 0.Don't Forget
35THE HOLY00:48Plays while standing in front of the Dark Fountain.-
36Your Power00:13Plays when Kris releases their SOUL to close the Dark Fountain and escape the Dark World.Don't Forget
37A Town Called Hometown01:53Plays in Hometown.The Legend (bassline), Snowdin, Don't Forget
38You Can Always Come Home01:40Plays in Kris and Toriel's home after coming home from school.Once Upon a Time, Don't Forget
39Laura Shigihara - Don't Forget00:51Plays during the ending credits.Don't Forget
40Before the Story01:28Plays on the menu screen after beating the chapter at least once.Once Upon a Time


  • In the background of "ANOTHER HIM", static noises that were used in Giygas's theme from EarthBound can be heard.
  • Before the Story originally debuted as the Undertale PS4 Dynamic Theme.[4] It also appeared in the Undertale Collector's Edition Exclusive Soundtrack.[5]
  • "The Legend" is the only song that changes time signatures during the song, from 4/4 to 6/8 near the end.
  • "Don't Forget" is the music sung by Laura Shigihara, who also composed the soundtrack for Plants vs. Zombies.
  • "April 2012" was originally made for a Homestuck-related project, pitched down and named demoscene.oga, along with muscles.oga which reappeared as sans. in the Undertale Soundtrack and the Deltarune Chapter 2 soundtrack.
  • A version of "THE HOLY" was posted in the music section of Toby's website on 12 July 2015 as treasure_discovered.mp3.
  • The tracks "School," "The Door," "The Chase," "Lancer," "Rude Buster," "Empty Town," "Lantern," "Rouxls Kaard", "Hip Shop," "Gallery," "Darkness Falls," "THE HOLY," "Your Power," "A Town Called Hometown," "You Can Always Come Home," and "Before the Story" also play in Deltarune Chapter 2.
    • "School," "The Door," "Lancer," "Rude Buster," "Lantern," "Rouxls Kaard," "Hip Shop," "Darkness Falls," "THE HOLY," "Your Power," "A Town Called Hometown," and "You Can Always Come Home" serve the same purpose as they do in Chapter 1.
    • "Empty Town" plays before the Darkners from Chapter 1 are brought from the unused classroom and into Castle Town, after which the track "My Castle Town" plays for the remainder of the time there.
    • "Gallery" plays when it is revealed that Queen has plugged Berdly and kidnapped Noelle.


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