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The Cyber World[1] is the Dark World located in the Hometown Library's computer lab. It is the primary setting of Chapter 2.

Main Story[]


According to Queen, the Cyber World was only created when the Knight created the Dark Fountain within the library, the same day that Kris and Susie visited it.[2] However, the Darkners within it have memories of the world before this point in time,[3] including remembering Lightners' interactions with their Hometown counterparts.[4][5] Additionally, King and Queen both seem to already know each other, despite King being imprisoned in Castle Town for the entire duration of Cyber World's existence.[6]

Shortly before Kris and Susie's arrival, Queen had recently seized control of Cyber World.[7]

Chapter 2[]

Kris and Susie go to the library to work on their group project. However, when they open the door to the computer lab, they discover that the room is now a Dark World. Excited to explore a new Dark World, Kris and Susie jump into it. Inside, they discover that Berdly and Noelle, who had been studying in the computer lab, have also been sucked into this Dark World.

Shortly after Kris and Susie's arrival, Ralsei appears, somehow having traveled to the new Dark World. The three of them journey through the Cyber World together, and ultimately confront Queen.

The party brings Lancer and Rouxls Kaard (and possibly Starwalker) to Cyber World from the Card Kingdom Dark World. However, because they are not native to this Dark World, the former two turn to stone after some time.

At the top of her Mansion, Queen reveals that she is aware of the creation of the Cyber World by the Knight,[2] but that as a result the Cyber World is trapped within the Library. Since any Lightner with enough determination can create a Dark Fountain, Queen reveals that she plans to use Noelle to create Dark Fountains all across the world in order to free the Cyber World of its bounds.

After the party's Thrash Machine defeats GIGA Queen, Ralsei explains to Queen that her plan would bring about the Roaring, a cataclysmic event brought about when Dark Fountains fill the sky. Queen, unaware of this, gives up on her plan and allows Kris to seal the Cyber World's Dark Fountain.

After Kris seals the Dark Fountain, the four Lightners awake in the Library's computer lab. After everyone else leaves, Kris gathers all the items from the lab, and takes them to the school's supply closet. This allows all the residents of Cyber World to come to Castle Town.


Cyber World is divided into three main subareas, each with their own sublocations.


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