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Plugboys are main citizens of the Cyber Field. They are pink-colored, short with two horns and a face shaped like an electrical socket. Many of them are turned into Werewires by Queen.


Hee hee hee...Shall I help you SAVE?


Fommt[1] is an NPC designed by Samanthuel Louise Gillson. They can be found pirouetting in Cyber Field, in the area right after the Junk Shop. Their appearance is that of a red compact floppy disk with white arms and legs, with a single red eye in the opening of the shutter on the front side.

They offer Kris help on how to SAVE, but then tell them that they actually do not have any idea what SAVING is.

City Werewire[]

Sorry, the roller coaster is under construction.

City Werewire

A Werewire wearing a maroon suit (like the Werewire NPCs in Cyber City) can be found when returning to the area using the Warp Door.

They block the entrance to the roller coaster explaining that it is under construction but that someone tried to use it anyways, likely referencing the events that happened earlier in the chapter.

After returning from the Cyber World, a Werewire wearing a maroon suit appears in Castle Town. They thank the party for defeating Queen, but say that they prefer their current form over their Plugboy form.



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