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Cyber Field is an area within the Cyber World; specifically, it is the first area encountered by Kris in this Dark World.

Main Story[]

Chapter 2[]

Kris and Susie, after not being able to find their study partners in the Library, decide to go play computer games. However, when opening the door to the computer room, they instead find another portal inside. Susie suggests it's yet another Dark World, before immediately jumping into it. Becoming their Dark World selves again upon entering, Susie and Kris travel not too far before meeting Noelle, whom not long afterwards is captured by Queen, who explains her plans to make Noelle one of her peons, before turning some of the Darkners into Werewires. After defeating the Werewires, Susie and Kris are met with more of them, but they were quickly pacified by Ralsei. He explains that he felt there is a new Dark Fountain that erupted and decided to come to seal it. The trio then begins to progress through the Cyber Field.

After going through the Cyber Field for a while, they meet with the Queen again, with Noelle still in her cage. Queen offers Noelle to join her willingly by asking her to sign an agreement with her. Noelle was too scared to comply, and Susie mentions that Queen intends to roboticize her face. This makes Queen go off on her deal with Noelle and send her away while summoning an arcade machine which is designed to lower self esteem in order to destroy the Lightners' will. Susie suggests that Kris should play because Kris is good with video games, so Kris tries to play against Queen, but is not tall or strong enough to reach them. Ralsei then reveals he learned a form from Lancer and uses the Magical Stool Forme R, and Susie joins in with her own Power Beast Forme S, crushing Ralsei and playing a fighting game on the arcade against Queen together with Kris.

When the party wins, the machine explodes and Queen offers the party members to become her peons. They refuse, and Queen goes away, leading the heroes to further explore the area.

Later on, the party encounters a puzzle where Kris has to walk on keyboard keys to type the word on the screen in order to get past a puzzle. In one of these puzzles, Kris had to type AGREE2ALL for the puzzle, which inadvertently signs an agreement to become one of Queen's minions. However, the Queen does not have methods of dealing with the agreement's violation, so the party continues as normal.

The party can meet the Hacker on their journey, who tells them to find three blue checkmarks in order to recruit him to their Castle Town. After a successful recruitment, he launches fireworks in the distance.

After going through near the end of Cyber Field, the party meets up with the rebels known as Sweet Cap'n Cakes, consisting of three robots named Sweet, Cap'n, and K_K, who are against Queen's rule. However, they mistake the party as Queen's peons and initiate a battle with them. After successfully making all the battle participants dance, the battle ends and the rebels invite the party to their Junk Shop. In their Junk Shop, it is revealed that their rebellion is related to the Queen banning most forms of music, and how the Queen was not as bad until the Knight erected a Dark Fountain.

After opening the way to Cyber City, the party starts riding a roller coaster. The Queen tries to capture the party by dropping cages on them, but misses. She has also brought Noelle, who she claims is a peon of hers, but it turned out that Noelle did not really want to fight the party, so she brought Berdly into a battle with the party instead, using the bumper cars. After defeating Berdly in battle, Queen reveals the roller coaster is not finished, so the party reaches the end of the roller coaster, falls off, and ends up in the Trash Zone.


Entrance to Second Slide[]

Upon entering the Cyber Field, Kris and Susie find themselves in a seemingly ruined area with electric plugs looming from the top and emitting electric signals which the party must avoid and Plugboy NPCs which warn the party of Queen turning them into Werewires. After an encounter with the Queen and meeting Ralsei, the party goes down a slide, during which the background music starts playing and Sweet starts making his bullets slide down with them in the rhythm of the music.

First Puzzle to Arcade Machine[]

After the second save point in the Cyber Field, the party continues onto puzzles present in the area. Within this area, they encounter several Werewires and can find Glow Wrist in a chest. The party takes their first teacup ride, in which party members sit in teacups on top of a plate and have to collect purple orbs which launch the plate further up. They also encounter Sweet a couple more times, similarly launching bullets from the top in the rhythm of the background music.

After finishing with the area with Sweet's bullets, they encounter a book which represents an editable Cyberpedia, in which Ralsei adds an entry about losing recruits upon defeating them with violence. If the entry is inspected later, the party finds Susie has vandalized Ralsei's entry. In this area, the party also encounters their second enemy, Tasque. Another exit from this area brings the party to a puzzle in which Kris must type "APPLE" on tiles representing keyboard keys. This lifts Nubert's forcefield so the party can borrow Nubert's treasure, Fiber Scarf, forever. Returning to this point using the Warp Door from Queen's Mansion shows that Nubert's sign has updated to his appearance with a wig, mentioning how he is moving up in the world.

Queen's second encounter comes at the end of this area, with Noelle still captured in a cage. The Queen takes Noelle away after she realizes her plans about roboticizing her face, and she has a Swatchling bring an arcade machine for her, which is destroyed after the battle.

Bagel Point to First Miniboss[]

After the arcade machine area, the party encounters Cap'n and K_K selling CD Bagels for $80. K_K gives an additional option of buying 400 bagels for $80; however, the party cannot carry that many. In this area, the party can also find the Hacker seeking checkmarks and more Sweet-type bullets. Between the bullet areas, the party can find another area with two Tasque enemies, another Glow Wrist, and a checkmark. After passing the bullets, the party encounters a forcefield, two Virovirokun, and a puzzle similar to the "APPLE" in which Kris must type "AGREE2ALL" instead (with another Queen encounter about how the puzzle's solution is actually an agreement to become her minions) to lift the previously encountered forcefield.

Beyond the forcefield, there is an area with three teacup rides, where they now have to collect a certain amount of orbs for the ride to be successful. The leftmost teacup ride, requiring 10 orbs, brings the party to another keyboard puzzle, where they have to type "GIASFELFEBREHBER," a reference to Monster Kidz Word Search from Undertale, to get another checkmark. The middle ride, requiring 16 orbs, brings the party to a chest with another checkmark.

The rightmost ride, requiring 6 orbs, brings the party to the area where they first battle Sweet Cap'n Cakes. After finishing it, the party goes down another slide and a track that brings them back to the Bagel Point, however, the way to the Junk Shop to the north of it is now unblocked.

Junk Shop to Big Teacup Ride[]

Also known as the rebels' base, the Junk Shop is where Sweet Cap'n Cakes can be seen after the fight. This is the first shop the party encounters in Cyber World.

After the shop, the party encounters an area with Werewires moving vertically, a chest with Tension Bit, and the floppy disk Fommt. After that area comes an area with Virovirokun shooting their arrows into the party, where the party has to direct Virovirokun's arrows into signs that appear next to the walkable area. There are four types of signs:

  • Bomb: When shot by arrow, it explodes into multiple bullets which can shoot other signs.
  • Dancer: Releases a dancing sprite across the area which can hurt the party when hit.
  • Chest: Opens a side area with a treasure chest containing Revive Mint.
  • Key: Opens the forcefield allowing the party to proceed to the next area.

Big Teacup Ride and Roller Coaster[]

Following the area with Virovirokun, the party has to complete another teacup ride with 70 optional orbs. If all orbs are collected, a chest containing Ragger2 appears after the ride.

At the end of Cyber Field, there's a roller coaster that leads to the Cyber City. The party is in bumper cars where they meet the Queen for the fourth time, along with Noelle and Berdly, and initiate a bumper car battle with Berdly. After defeating Berdly, Queen informs the party that the roller coaster isn't finished yet, and the heroes derail off the track and plummet onto trash bags in Cyber City.

When trying to return to the roller coaster, the party is met with a Werewire telling them the roller coaster is not finished, and a new slide down to the room with Virovirokun is open.


  • At the "GIASFELFEBREHBER" keyboard puzzle, Susie mentions that the word is ICE-E's catchphrase. She also states that it would be funny if the puzzle is missing the one letter that Kris needs, likely referencing the fact that the Monster Kidz Word Search from Undertale is missing a letter for the word "giasfclfebrehber", making it impossible to complete.
  • At the "AGREE2ALL" keyboard puzzle, Kris must type in "YEEES2O!!" in the Japanese version of the game instead.