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City Werewires[]

I heard the rollercoasters are undergoing maintenance.
That's a pain because it's our only form of public transit.

City Werewire

Two particular Werewires appear in the Cyber City. They are not hostile and are able to talk. They are dressed in maroon suits.

The first one is encountered before the first traffic puzzle and they talk about how the teacup rides are privately owned.

The second one is met after the three lane puzzle. They mention how they "can't even cross the street without getting [their] ass kicked," and (perhaps sarcastically) how they love the city.

Cleaning Swatchlings[]

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After the first two traffic puzzles, there are two red Swatchlings with brooms next to some cones. They mention they are cleaning for something big, which they speculate to be a parade.

City Plugboy[]

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A plugboy wearing a business coat can be found directly next to the second City Werewire. They say that since everyone else got plugged, they've become a lot more agreeable.

Icon Man[]

Hey, got any way to deal with crushing, existential dread?

Icon Man

The Icon Man is a light blue, square-headed figure with 4 pink dots and a pink cross on his head can be found above the Ferris Wheel poster. Another Icon Man also appears in Queen's Mansion, in front of the bathroom on 3F.

He states that he is seeking help for a friend with existential dread who looks exactly like him, suggesting that he is talking about himself. This gets subverted when his friend shows up, opening a nearby door to point out they are the one being talked about. Ironically, the friend appears much happier than the one outdoors.

He is absent in the Snowgrave Route.

A Man[]

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The man from the Forest in Chapter 1 returns. He can be met behind an identical looking tree in a hidden area.