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Cyber City is an area within the Cyber World. It consists of a trash area, the city itself, and a mix of amusement park-themed areas. Kris and the party fall into the Trash Zone when the roller coaster's tracks from Cyber Field ends.

Main Story[]

Chapter 2[]

The party enters the Trash Zone of the City after the fight with Berdly at the end of Cyber Field by getting off the unfinished roller coaster rails but being saved by trash. Ralsei heals Susie from her wounds by hugging her, making Susie curious about Ralsei's powers. Ralsei agrees to teach Susie his powers later. Immediately after leaving the Trash Zone, a fork is reached, forcing the party to split up. Ralsei offers Kris to pick which path to take, but Susie interrupts, going with Ralsei, forcing Kris to go east alone as the sole party member.

After being introduced to car puzzles and the area enemies, Kris finds Noelle fleeing from Queen. Noelle expresses reluctance to work with Queen, but she is cut short and forced into hiding after Queen arrives in the scene. Queen then offers a truce to Kris, in order to find Noelle, but she is also forced into hiding after Berdly comes in. Berdly forms a truce with Kris to find Queen, and goes away. Queen, relieved that Berdly is gone, also goes away, and Noelle, in order to escape from Queen, forms a third truce with Kris, joining their party. It is at this point when the party can either continue down the path through the city or divert to the Snowgrave Route.

Normal Route[]

If continuing normally, Kris and Noelle encounter a Virovirokun who introduces Noelle to how battles work. North from that area, they can see Susie and Ralsei eating cotton candy on some kind of carnival, but Noelle does not want Susie to hear or see her there. She wonders who Ralsei is, saying that she is reminded of someone but does not finish her sentence. (This is likely Asriel.) After more car puzzles, they arrive to an area with a Ferris wheel poster where they can talk about whether Susie would ride with her on a giant ferris wheel, as well as explain their relationship to an Addison selling them dating shoes. Further south, they encounter Queen drinking all-ages appropriate pure battery acid. Kris distracts Queen while Noelle hides in the alley behind them by putting a box over her head, making Queen unable to apply her face recognition mechanism on her. Queen then tries to make Kris play the arcade game with her again, however, they are interrupted by a giant golden Berdly statue falling on the arcade machine. Berdly then enters, bragging about his statue to Queen and then exiting the area. Queen pretends to follow him, but she goes the other way instead, passing by Noelle without noticing it is her.

The party then arrives at Sweet Cap'n Cakes's Music Shop in the Cyber City, selling CD Bagels. They explain how it is them who built the golden Berdly statue.

After several mouse-based puzzles, Kris and Noelle encounter Berdly again. Berdly believes Noelle is being forced by Kris to do what she would not, and battles the party as a consequence. After winning the battle, the party proceeds through a street with a traffic jam to reach a street where Queen finds them again. Noelle puts up her disguise again, so Queen does not recognize her. After realizing Berdly is about to find her, she tells both of them to get in a car. After Berdly goes away, they get out and back in again, starting a minigame where Kris avoids hitting cars. The car halts to a stop due to a dog-induced traffic jam, and Kris has to leave to press the switch on the other side of the street. This is where they first meet Spamton, who fights them. After the fight, it is possible to find Spamton in his shop in the Trash Zone.

After the traffic jam clears out, the ride in Queen's car continues for a short while until all three get out of it and the car explodes. Kris and Noelle then continue by foot, encountering another area with forcefields and switches in which they must cooperate to pass through. During that, Noelle reminisces of how Kris, Asriel, Dess and her went exploring the forest behind the graveyard, and how she was scared during the whole adventure. After passing the area it is revealed the letters on switches Noelle stepped on formed the word "DECEMBER," possibly hinting at Dess's full name.

They arrive at a carnival with ball throwing games where prizes are seated under the counter, where they encounter Queen once more. Noelle hides behind one of the counters, and Queen manages to destroy all the kegs on that counter, so Noelle gives her a prize. Queen realizes she does not want the prize, transfers it to Kris and walks away. Susie and Ralsei then arrive, with Susie having learned a (very weak) healing spell which she then shows to Kris. They then notice Kris is holding a present, so they can decide who to give it to: Susie, Ralsei, Noelle (still hidden behind a counter) or Berdly (not present in the scene, but appears if the option is chosen). Regardless of the choice, Noelle removes her disguise and joins the party. If the present is given to Berdly, he joins the party as well, but only for that room. If Starwalker is in the inventory, he joins as well.

After the carnival, the party arrives at Cyber City Heights, an area with more puzzles. Having passed that, they arrive in front of Queen's Mansion, where they encounter Queen once more. Queen threatens to give Berdly a ride in the acid river, forcing her to come with her. Berdly then appears, showing how Queen did not really have him captured, so she initiates her Plan B where she captures Susie, Kris, Berdly and Noelle into cages. Having only four cages, she makes Ralsei one of her butlers instead of capturing him.

Snowgrave Route[]

Main article: Snowgrave Route

The Snowgrave Route begins when Kris meets up with Noelle in Cyber City. Kris orders Noelle to use her Ice Shock spell to freeze every enemy in place as they make their way back to the Trash Zone, where they stop in front of the door to Spamton's shop. Kris and Noelle then proceed to the area with the ferris wheel poster while freezing over all encountered enemies. In that area, talking to the only NPC about how Kris and Noelle are "something else" and then insisting to get the Freeze Ring is required to proceed on the route.

After getting the Freeze Ring, the party is required to freeze more enemies. After backtracking to the Dog Dumpster area, Spamton can be talked to in the dumpster, telling the party how many enemies are left to freeze or selling them the Thorn Ring if no more are required. After obtaining the Thorn Ring and equipping it to Noelle, Berdly is encountered. The battle ends when Noelle uses her SnowGrave spell to freeze Berdly over. Noelle then leaves the party and goes north, through passages unavailable on a normal route. Kris can follow through the passages and reach the entrance to the Mansion by going through a manhole, which the party can now regularly enter.

The Snowgrave Route cannot be aborted after freezing Berdly.


Trash Zone[]

The Trash Zone is where the party lands after being launched from the unfinished roller coaster in Cyber Field. It features a lot of trash cans, Spamton's shop (which is only open after meeting him for the first time), Trashy and Nubert. At the exit of this area, the party splits up, so Susie and Ralsei go north and Kris goes east.

After backtracking to this area using Warp Door, the party can find Poppup and Maus.

Entrance to First Alleyway[]

After entering the City, a "WELCOME TO THE CITY" flashing sign can be seen followed by a SAVE Point. In the next area, there are two car puzzles in which a traffic lights-like object must be pressed in order to stop the cars, or make them "walk" (ride slower). In case Kris gets hit by a car, they return back to the point from which they started crossing the street. After the first two puzzles, two Swatchlings are seen cleaning up the next street for what they presume to be a parade. More trash cans with Dark Dollars and a CD Bagel, as well as hidden Poppups can be found in this area. At the end of this area, Noelle, Queen and Berdly are encountered.

If this area is returned to after the encounter, Hacker can be found here, complaining about how a store did not want to accept his encrypted signature.

Annoying Mouse Room 1 to Car Puzzle 2[]

After the encounter, Kris and Noelle find a puzzle in which they direct mice using green blocks that make mice turn left when hit and a switch that opens the mouse hole. The goal of the puzzle is to direct the mice into a different hole, but the puzzle can also be passed after telling Noelle to "Proceed" several times. When mice hit or pass by Noelle, she screams and jumps away. When this area is returned to after being solved, a block similar to that used by Rouxls Kaard can be seen invading the mouse puzzle.

Having passed the puzzle, the party encounters a Virovirokun, and that encounter may be Noelle's first battle (if the party did not backtrack and fight previous enemies). In the same area, the party meets Addisons for the first time, and two Ambyu-Lances running around. To the north of this area Susie and Ralsei can be seen eating cotton candy over cones that cannot be passed through, to the west of this area a chest with Pink Ribbon can be found, and to the east of this area are more car puzzles, this time with three rows of red cars and three rows of differently colored cars.

Backtracking to this area using the Warp Door, the Addisons here can be talked to about Spamton, but they do not want to talk about him. After defeating Spamton NEO, all of the Addisons relocate to the Trash Zone instead. In the area where Susie and Ralsei could be seen eating cotton candy, Susie suggests using the cones blocking the path for ice-cream.

Ferris Wheel Poster to Music Shop[]

After more car puzzles, the party arrives to the area with a ferris wheel poster where an Ambyu-Lance can be seen chasing a Virovirokun. To the north of it are found two NPCs, with one seeking help for a friend with existential dread who looks exactly like them, which turns out to be the other NPC. To the east is found an Addison selling dating shoes, and to the south is an alley with a forcefield which can only be passed if one of the party members is standing on the other side of it.

Having passed the puzzle, the party encounters Queen and Berdly again. After the encounter, they find the Music Shop in which Sweet Cap'n Cakes sell CD Bagels. When talked to, they can change the music in the area to Holiday Studio. When backtracking to this area, it is silent. A Plugboy appears instead saying how they came to support the rebels who aren't there.

Addison Area 2 to Annoying Mouse Room 2[]

After the Music Shop, the path of this room branches east and south. Either path leads to the last store. The east alley has a Werewire. The south leads to two Addisons selling wares. A blue Addison on the left offers free "small shoe" samples. The pink Addison on the right sells Tea that has names of characters currently in the party. Further south is a Virovirokun guarding a chest that contains a Bounce Blade. The east alley near the Tea shop also has a Werewire. At the last store, a yellow Addison is selling the Mannequin for $300. Going east with the yellow warning signs leads to another car puzzle.

This car puzzle has pink cars on the west road, and faster yellow cars on the east. To progress, Kris can walk east to the small area with two crosswalk buttons. The left with a five stops the pink cars, and the right with a nine stops the yellow cars. Both must be pressed to reach either the Annoying Mouse Room 2 or the Dog Dumpster. Heading north and crossing both roads leads to the Annoying Mouse Room 2 room. If Kris goes south, past the alley and further south, an alleyway with yellow Annoying Dog signs can be found. This leads to the Dog Dumpster.

The Annoying Mouse Room 2 is similar to the first puzzle, but with additional red blocks that make mice turn right and machines in the shape of traffic lights that allow the party to control the placement of these blocks and make mice exit out of the hole. After making mice enter the right hole for the first time, the forcefield does not lift, so Noelle inspects the hole. Kris can then make mice exit the hole for the second time and scare Noelle, who jumps over the forcefield onto the switch which turns it off.

When backtracking to this area with the Warp Door, a "giant toilet-shaped toilet" made by Temmie Chang[1] blocks the way.

Dog Dumpster[]

Kris initially gets transported alone to an area with no music, and the path heading east. Further down the path, an Annoying Dog in a toy car rams Kris's SOUL, rapidly depleting their HP. When their HP reaches 0, the Undertale Game Over screen appears, which the dog hits with the car and squishes. After the scene, the party is transported in front of a dumpster with a pillow inside for the dog to sleep on.[2] A Dog Dollar also appears in the inventory.

To the left of the dumpster, "[Moss]" can be found. Interacting with it once changes Kris's and either Noelle or Susie's Title. With Noelle, she questions why Kris seems notably pleased. If Kris backtracks with Susie and Ralsei instead, Girl Next Door plays as Susie assumes Kris saved the moss to share.

There is a tree design on the wall to the right of the dumpster. If inspected, the narration mentions that there is a "room between." This refers to the hidden Tree Room nearby. If Kris returns to this area, WELCOME TO THE CITY resets.

On the Snowgrave Route, Spamton can be found here and, if enough enemies are frozen, he gives the party a Thorn Ring.

Tree Room[]

The tree room is a secret room that can be accessed from the same place as the Dog Dumpster room. If the Annoying Dog cutscene has already played and the game is not on the Snowgrave Route, there is a 2% chance[3] when attempting to enter the Dog Dumpster room that instead Kris alone ends up in the tree room; other party members remain in the party, but are not visible here.

The tree room contains a low tree, in the same design as the ones in Chapter 1's Field (which are not seen elsewhere in the Cyber World). When examining the tree, it states that there is a man behind it; the man offers an Egg to the party. Once taken or declined, the man ceases to exist there, and subsequent examinations reveal nothing but the tree. Exiting the area returns the party to where they came from. The area cannot be re-entered.

Additional Mouse Puzzles[]

After the Annoying Mouse Room 2, additional mouse puzzles follow. Kris and Noelle first encounter a single piece of cheese which Kris can decide to touch or not to touch. If touched, Maus attacks the party. Following the single piece of cheese there is a labyrinth made of cheese, and Maice attack the party if they touch the walls of the labyrinth. In this area, a chest with a CD Bagel can be found.

After the cheese labyrinth, Kris and Noelle find a puzzle with falling tiles, where Kris must make Noelle jump to the next tile by moving green and red blocks and opening mouse holes so that they make Noelle jump to the next tile. If a tile with Noelle falls down, she is brought back up. Berdly is also present during the puzzle and comments while Kris is solving it.

Trash Street to December Puzzle[]

After the mouse puzzles, the party encounters a room with a lot of trash cans holding $100 and a CD Bagel, with Poppup and Maus disguised as one trash can. After this area, the party encounters and battles Berdly.

The area after the Berdly battle is filled with cars, and after encountering Queen and getting with her in the car, Kris can drive the car to avoid smaller cars going in their way. At one point during the car ride, Kris can also collect a banana. After halting the car to a stop, Kris can visit a side alley with Spamton's dumpster. After hitting the switch on the other side, the car ride continues on a bridge until the car explodes, and Kris and Noelle move forward to an area with forcefields and switches which open them.


The area after the carnival requires the party to climb very long stairs instead of taking a teacup ride, as the teacup ride has only three seats. After climbing, Noelle volunteers to stand on a switch that disables a forcefield and temporarily leaves the party. To the right of that switch is another switch guarded by two Ambyu-Lances. When stepping on it, another forcefield is lifted and Noelle rejoins the party.

A sign nearby tells the party three of them must ride in a single teacup, requiring them to go back down the stairs and attempt the ride that way, in order to unlock an (optional) chest behind another forcefield. However, the chest only contains balloons. If Noelle was not present in the party during the teacup ride, she asks why the other three were riding a teacup together.

Beyond the forcefield there is an area where fireworks in the sky cause bullets that can hit the party to appear. One of the fireworks before the bullet area also creates leftovers in the sky shaped like Kris's, Susie's and Ralsei's battle icons. After avoiding the bullets, the party can no longer return to the previous room, as it is guarded by a forcefield. Further east there are switches which activate forcefields in the sky, popping balloons located between these forcefields. One of the balloons contains cheese, starting a battle with three Maice. After the battle, Susie realizes Noelle left the party to watch the fireworks, when she catches up.

Following that area come puzzles in which the party must pop balloons with mice in them to collect them in a bucket on Kris's head, then return the mice in a hole, opening the way further. This culminates in a puzzle requiring 20 mice, when Noelle suggests to split up the work so she releases the mice, Susie and Ralsei pop the balloons and Kris catches them. Missing one mouse reduces the mouse amount in the bucket by 10.

After this area, the party arrives in front of Queen's Mansion, where Queen captures them.


  • The recurring theme of traffic is likely a reference to a famous nickname for the Internet in the 1990s: "the information superhighway."
  • Ads in the city that had Spamton on them have since been plastered over with ads featuring Queen, which can be seen on the poster to the right of his dumpster.
  • Kris touching the cheese may be a reference to the Cheese Touch joke in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid franchise.


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