Deltarune Wiki

The Config menu can modify a variety of settings. It is only accessible through the Dark World menu, and is the rightmost option with the wrench icon.

Master Volume[]

The master volume is a setting that changes volume of all in game audio. It can be changed into any integer percentage between 0% to 100% volume. The default value is 60%.


Options in "Controls"

The Controls option when selected brings the player to an entirely different menu where you can remap all of your controls. There are seven different remappable controls followed by a reset to default option and exit option. Interestingly, the left trigger is by default set to Confirm. Once rebound, this effect goes away and it is impossible to make return without using "Reset to Default".

Default controls
Action Key/Button
PlayStation Nintendo Switch Xbox Keyboard
Down Directional Button Down D-Pad Down Arrow Key Down
Right Directional Button Right D-Pad Right Arrow Key Right
Up Directional Button Up D-Pad Up Arrow Key Up
Left Directional Button Left D-Pad Left Arrow Key Left
Confirm[1] X, L2 A, ZL A, LT Z/Enter
Cancel[2] O B X/Shift
Menu[3] Y Y C/Ctrl

Simplify VFX[]

Simplify VFX, as the name suggests, simplifies the VFX. A few examples are the carousel in the Jevil fight not spinning, sliding into Castle Town going a lot slower and removing the shadow from yellow text. It is off by default.


Fullscreen, when toggled, switches the game between full screen and windowed mode. It functions the same as F4 on the keyboard.


Auto-Run, when turned on, makes Kris run automatically and the run button (also the Cancel button) will instead slow them down.


  1. Confirm and interact with things. - Open manual in Castle Town, on "Controls."
  2. Cancel. Hold to RUN. Shows all text instantly. - Open manual in Castle Town, on "Controls."
  3. Opens the menu. Hold down to quickly skip textboxes. - Open manual in Castle Town, on "Controls."