The Heroes of Light, also referred to as the Delta Warriors, are a trio of heroes described in the Prophecy as a human, a monster, and a Prince from the Dark. According to the prophecy, they are the only ones able to close the Dark Fountains, banish the Angel's Heaven, and restore balance to the Earth.

Main Story


Ralsei, a lonely Prince from the Dark, spent his entire life waiting in Castle Town for the appearance of the Prophecy's other two heroes.

Chapter 1

After recounting the Prophecy to Kris, and Susie, Ralsei announces his belief that they are the other two Heroes of Light and begs them to accept their destiny and journey with him to restore the balance of Light and Dark. Kris and Susie accompany Ralsei on his mission, even though the party splits occasionally.

While Ralsei originally refers to the party as Delta Warriors, the name is never formally adopted and an alternative name is mutually chosen later in the chapter. The name, depending on which paper ballot is "randomly" chosen by Kris, can be $!$? Squad (if Susie's crumpled paper is chosen), Fun Gang (if Ralsei's neat paper is chosen), or Lancer Fan Club (if Lancer's self labelled paper is chosen). At another point in the chapter, an enemy team adapts the chosen name for themselves, prefixing the name with The Dark, in order to make it sound more evil.

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