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Optional boss enemies in Deltarune, and generally the most difficult foes in their respective chapters. So far, each chapter has featured one bonus boss, each carrying a Shadow Crystal. They can be defeated by either FIGHTing or ACTing, with a different item earned as a result, with no foreseeable consequence as of yet.

  • Jevil: Formerly the court jester of Card Castle, he went mad after meeting a stranger that caused him to see the world as a game, and had to be sealed away by Seam in the ?????? floor in Card Castle. Despite the imprisonment, he claims to be truly free, seeing the outside world as a prison. Acts as the bonus boss of Chapter 1.
  • Spamton: Full name "Spamton G. Spamton," a salesman who wanted to be a "[[Big Shot]]," but fell on hard times when the stranger who helped him rise disappeared, leaving him to live in the Trash Zone. He convinces Kris to upload his mind into a powerful robotic body hidden underneath the Queen's Mansion, becoming Spamton NEO. Acts as the bonus boss of Chapter 2 and the final boss of the Snowgrave Route.


Besides possessing Shadow Crystals, all bonus bosses so far have several traits in common:

  • They went insane after meeting a strange individual, presumably the same one.
  • They capitalize letters in most of their dialogue.
  • They have voice lines, unlike all other characters in Deltarune.
    • While Spamton does not have voice lines in the conventional sense, his themes incorporate what can be assumed to be his voice.
  • The word and the concept of "freedom" has a heavy presence with each bonus boss and their backstories.
    • The specific phrase "The air crackles with freedom." has been in each one's descriptive text rotation.
  • They share a leitmotif.
  • Their battles have scripted dialogue and attacks that get progressively more difficult to dodge, culminating in a "final" attack that takes up the entire screen, before switching to using random attacks and dialogue.
  • Their battles are in the basement of the party's final location (the final boss's residence) for the Dark World they are in.
  • The term NEO appears in some form, being a spoken line from Jevil and a major part of Spamton NEO's form.
  • They have a unique talking sound, but no dialogue sprites.
  • They both seemingly transform into at least one of the equipment items awarded to the party on defeat.
  • Both bosses (as bonus bosses) require some sort of key to access.
  • Both bosses (as bonus bosses) have a moving backdrop to the battle.

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