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Card Kingdom[note 1] is the Dark World located in the Hometown School's unused classroom. It is the primary setting of Chapter 1.

Main Story[]


According to Seam, King, and the Prophecy, Darkners once lived in harmony with Lightners. When Card Kingdom's denizens were locked and left in "this prison," King swore vengeance. Some Darkners however, hoped the Lightners would eventually return.

Initially, the land was ruled by the four kings from Card Castle. Many Darkners, such as the court jester, Seam, and Royal Coat Rack worked there. At some point, Jevil met a "strange someone," and his perception of reality changed. The kings requested his associate, Seam, to lock him away in a separate prison in Card Castle. Seam left Card Castle immediately after in favor of collecting wares for their "Seap."

Before Kris and Susie's descent, the Knight appeared and opened the Eastern Fountain. Three kings were locked away, and King put himself and his son, Lancer, to power. King immediately fired or locked away the staff and puzzle makers. He appointed Rouxls Kaard for the latter, and ordered Lancer and the denizens to attack the "HEROES of LIGHT."


Card Kingdom is divided into three main subareas, each with their own sublocations.


  • Many of the Darkners in Card Kingdom take inspiration from a set of cards designed by Tumblr user kanotynes.[1]


  1. Card Kingdom is an unofficial name


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