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Pair of Eyes[]

Yeah, even I got arrested...

Pair of Eyes

In a cell to the southwest of Susie's cell in the Card Castle prison, a pair of eyes can be seen in the darkness. If the party speaks to them, they bemoan what the world is coming to for King to imprison even them: "And I'm just a pair of eyes!"

Trash Can Rudinn[]

Thanks for inviting me! This trash can's really great!

Trash Can Rudinn

Inside Susie's cell, there is a Rudinn that Susie "invited to visit the trash can." If spoken to, they express how much they like the trash can, and that they want to invite their friends.

Circus Wagons[]

(Oh, oh. I'm just the cage.)
(No one talks to me!)

Circus Wagon

On the eastern end of the prison level, beyond the elevator, there are four brightly colored wheeled circus wagons with tails and smiling lion faces. Each wagon is a cage that contains prisoners, but their lion heads can talk to the party as well. The leftmost wagon contains the Three Kings; the rightmost contains a number of animals; while the middle two contain, respectively, a Jigsawry arrested for illegally making a puzzle and a Rudinn that refused to fight the party.

The leftmost and the rightmost wagon appear in the Throne Room after the party defeats King, again with unique dialogue.

Former Kings[]

Woe! Oh, Woe!
We are the three Former Kings!
We beg you, free us!

Former Kings

The three other Kings, who were captured when the Knight appeared, are imprisoned in the leftmost circus wagon in the prison. The King of Clubs is similar to Clover in appearance, the King of Hearts is similar to Hathy, and the King of Diamonds is like Rudinn, although with four arms as opposed to the single visible one Rudinns have.

The Club and Heart kings have no dialogue, but the Diamond King introduces the Kings to the party and worries about his treasure now that King has taken over. He does not seem concerned about the fate of the Light World.

After King is defeated by being overthrown, the three Kings, still in their wagon cage, appear in the Throne Room. The Diamond King continues to beg for freedom, but becomes contented when he realizes that his treasure is unharmed.

In Chapter 2, they appear in the basement of Ralsei's castle, still encaged. The Diamond King claims that they got used to being in their cage. They are shown wearing animals ears and noses as the Circus Animals wanted.

Circus Animals[]

(Us animals used to be alone in these cages.)
(Now everyone's here.)

Circus Animals

A bunch of brown animals, resembling animal crackers, are crammed into one cage and lament the presence of the other prisoners.

Once King is defeated, the animal cage appears in the Throne Room. If addressed, the animals explain that the other prisoners are now welcome to dwell in their cages if they agree to wear animal ears and noses.

They appear in Chapter 2 in the basement of Ralsei's Castle, finally getting the Kings to dress up as animals while they themselves are dressed as Kings as part of a "cultural exchange."


He he he...Looks like fighting wasn't in the cards for us.


Pippins (singular and plural) are diamond-shaped Darkners that are based on dice.[1] They appear in the crowd that overthrows the King if the party did not defeat any enemies violently. Their name is not mentioned in-game, but is found in the game data.[2] "Pippins" may be a play on "pip," the markings on a dice.

In Chapter 2, one of them appears in the Party Dojo in Castle Town and remarks that "fighting wasn't in the cards for [them]," but they indirectly mention how their friends may not only fight the party, but are stronger than Pippins. After recruiting Werewerewire, a Werewerewire replaces the Pippins in the dojo.

In the 6th Anniversary stream, Toby Fox mentioned that these characters are dice enemies. He had made attack patterns for them, but the patterns weren't fun so he scrapped them.[1]


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