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CD Bagel is an item that can be bought from Sweet Cap'n Cakes's shop and found in trash cans in Cyber City. It restores 80HP.

When eaten in the overworld, it plays a short clip of music depending on the character it is fed to.

It can be obtained through various means:

  • Cyber Field:
    • In the first Warp Door area, Cap'n offers "Ultra seedy" CD Bagels for 400 D$ each while K_K sells them for 80 D$. K_K only sells a maximum of six at this point.
    • After the encounter with Sweet Cap'n Cakes, they move to the Junk Shop where they sell CD Bagels for 100 D$ each.
  • Cyber City:
    • CD Bagels can occasionally be found in trash cans.
    • Sweet sells CD Bagels for 80 D$ each at the shop midway through the City.
  • Castle Town: Seam sells CD Bagels for 100 D$ each. This occurs if all enemies were recruited from Cyber World.

Exclusive to Snowgrave Route:

  • In Cyber City, rather than being sold, up to 4 CD Bagels can be stolen from K_K's box.
  • In Queen's Mansion, there is a vending machine at the rooftop. It sells CD Bagels for 120 D$ each, as "pre-fountain refreshments."

Flavor Text[]

  • It's got crunch. [When using it on Susie]
  • How elegant! [When using it on Ralsei]
  • What a nice song... [When using it on Noelle]


  • When Cap'n tries to correct K_K, K_K misunderstands it as 400 bagels for the price of one, although it is impossible for the party to purchase that quantity.