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The Bouquet is a Light World item that can be obtained in Hometown at the end of Chapter 1. As Kris leaves the Flower King shop, Asgore gives it to them as a "secret" gift for Toriel. It is implied he wants it to look like a gift from Kris, since it seems he is on bad speaking terms with Toriel.

In Toriel's House, Kris can give Toriel the bouquet through the "Flowers" option. However, she realizes that it is actually from Asgore. If Kris exits and returns to the kitchen, the trashcan's floral scent increases, implying that Toriel threw away the bouquet.


  • Many flowers fill three trash cans in the Alley. In Chapter 1, Kris can ask Alphys about them if "Flowers" is selected. She explains that Asgore frequently gives her bouquets and inquires about Kris in school.[1]


  1. He always asks how you're doing in school... Then gives me a bouquet of them. - Alphys