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Bounce Blade is a weapon that can be found in a chest in Cyber City. It can only be equipped by Kris and it gives +2 AT and +1 DF. In the Light World, this item is a standard eraser.

Flavor Text[]

  • What is this, rubber? [When attempting to equip it to Susie]
  • Soft and squishy! [When attempting to equip it to Ralsei]
  • S-stop thwacking me! [When attempting to equip it to Noelle]


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The Eraser is the Light World form of the Bounce Blade. Its new name references its description in the Dark World, as erasers are most commonly pink and made of rubber. Notably, as of the Chapter 2 release, it is Kris's only weapon that is not represented by some form of a pencil, when equipped, in the Light World.