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Bloxer is an enemy that appears in the Forest.



Bloxer resembles a boxer, but with a blocky aesthetic. It is colored in red and blue, with pure white eyes.


Energetic and somewhat violent, Bloxer's dialogue revolves first around fighting the party, but changes to being more content once they're rearranged.

One Bloxer seen next to the Great Door in Chapter 2 is shown to have stacked three pairs of pants below its head and later adds a fourth one. It tells the party that it likes being like this and requests for them not to tell anyone about it.

In Battle[]


  • Groups of four blocks appear from the right and drift across the screen.
  • Blocks fall from the top of the screen and stack up, narrowing the amount of space the SOUL has to dodge. The falling blocks form four distinct columns. If four blocks form a complete row at the bottom of the Bullet Box, the row disappears.


  • Rearranging its body parts in the correct order (Head, Body, Legs) makes it spareable.
  • If the party returns after Susie actually joins their party, she can "Rival" the Bloxer, causing it to become Tired and able to be pacified.
  • If spared 10 times, the Bloxer becomes spareable.
  • If the Bloxer is reduced to 43 HP or lower, it becomes Tired.


  • HOOH...! You interrupted my training! [Neutral]
  • Let's see how you stack up...! HIYA!! [Neutral]
  • GOOH...! I'm gonna knock your block off...! [Neutral]
  • Let me show you my training! YIHA!! [Neutral]
  • Oh you mixed me up all nice~ [Rearranged correctly]
  • ARRGH!! NO!! MY ABS ARE MY FACE!! [Rearranged, torso on top]
  • ARRGH!! NO!! MY BUTT IS MY FACE!! [Rearranged, legs on top]
  • ARRGH!! NO!! MY FACE IS MY FACE!! Wait... [Rearranged incorrectly, head on top]
  • My momentum is totally blocked up... [Rivalled]

Flavor Text[]

  • Bloxer assembled! [Encounter]
  • Loves: Training. Hates: Body being the wrong shape. [Check]
  • Smells like freshly-printed plastic. [Neutral]
  • Bloxer considers building a house out of its own body. [Neutral]
  • Bloxer is thinking about training. [Neutral]
  • Bloxer is thinking about trains. [Neutral]
  • Bloxer is thinking about training wheels. [Neutral]
  • Bloxer is pleased with its new self! [Rearranged correctly]
  • Bloxer is still unhappy with its self... [Rearranged incorrectly]
  • Susie became antagonistic! [Rival]
  • Bloxer is starting to break apart with exhaustion. [Tired]
  • Bloxer radiates with the spirit of joy! [Spare conditions met]


  • The name "Bloxer" is a portmanteau of "Block" and "Boxer."
  • Bloxer's attacks are references to Lego and Tetris.
  • The method of sparing Bloxer is similar to Moldessa from Undertale.