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B.ShotBowtie is an armor item that can be equipped by any party member. Malius can fuse it with a Tension Bit to make the Tension Bow. It is bought from Swatch in Queen's Mansion and therefore not obtainable on a Snowgrave Route.

Flavor Text[]

  • Ugh, I look like a nerd. [When equipping it to Susie]
  • Can I have suspenders? [When equipping it to Ralsei]
  • ... do I put it in my hair? [When equipping it to Noelle]


  • The name and flavor text suggest the bowtie was originally sold by Spamton before his fall from glory, referencing one of his catchphrases about being a "BIG SHOT."
    • Spamton's shop lists an item referred to as "B.SHOTBOWTIE", but upon purchase it turns out to be the Frayed Bowtie instead.