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Say, Kris... I was thinking.
Perhaps when Asriel comes home...
We could all go to the diner, just like old times...
My treat.


Asgore Dreemurr is a minor NPC in Deltarune, and a returning character from Undertale. He lives alone in the flower shop "Flower King" in Hometown, and is Kris and Asriel's father.



Asgore is a large, white-furred monster with a goat-like appearance. He has patches of gold fur that resemble hair on his head and arms. He dresses in a flower-print shirt and jeans.


Asgore is affectionate and eager to please, but acts somewhat thoughtlessly and oversteps boundaries. He dwells on his past relationship with Toriel, and tries to reconnect with her and his children whenever he has the chance.

He apparently lives irresponsibly and does not take very good care of himself; he lives in squalor, his car is filthy, and he owes rent to a "C" which he is unable to pay due to his generosity with his flowers.

He is on good terms with his neighbors, the Holiday family (Noelle, Rudy, and his wife). Asgore and Rudy were themselves college roommates, and Rudy was the best man at his wedding to Toriel.

Main Story[]


Asgore was previously married to Toriel, although the relationship soured and they subsequently divorced. He served on the police force as chief, but due to an unspecified incident, he was removed and Undyne was promoted to take over his position. It is not clear what this incident is, but when Kris finds an article about it, they skim over the headline and quickly stop reading.

Chapter 1[]

Asgore Dreemurr overworld hug.gif

After returning from the Dark World, Kris can visit Asgore in the Flower Shop. When Kris arrives, Asgore pulls them into a hug and lifts them up in the air before realizing that they might not enjoy hugs like that. Asgore owns, works in, and lives in the flower shop alone. His air mattress can be found in the back room, along with a nearly empty fridge and a television. After Kris looks at the air mattress, Asgore asks them if they want to spend the night with him, before realizing it's a bad idea altogether.

Before Kris leaves, Asgore gives them a bouquet of flowers for Toriel, which he asks them to keep a secret. However, she isn't fooled. If Kris offers the bouquet to her, she begrudgingly accepts them. Once Kris leaves the room and returns, checking the trash can reveals that it's emitting a stronger floral scent, heavily implying she disposed of the flowers while they weren't looking.

Chapter 2[]

Asgore later appears the next day at Sans's grocery store when the latter is making jokes with Toriel. He tries talking to her, but she lets him down easy. However, she says they would talk to Asriel when he returns next week before leaving. Asgore then gets the free pickles from Sans and asks what kind of flowers would remind Toriel of the time they first met, to which Sans replies by saying he should "talk to his plants". Asgore thanks Sans for the advice before he leaves the store as well.


  • In Undertale, Asgore was the king of the Underground. He prominently tended to a garden of golden flowers.
    • His shop and its name, "Flower King", is a reference to this.
    • His overworld sprite shown in the Monster credits from Undertale is reused for that game, too.
  • Asgore's flower shop houses seven unique flowers, which have the same structure and form as Golden Flowers but with a rainbow of coloration that matches the SOULs in Undertale. Rather than having a red flower however, there is a single golden one (distinct from the yellow one) with ordinary coloration.
    • The photograph on Asgore's fridge of his marriage to Toriel shows that Toriel had a seven-colored bouquet of flowers matching these flowers.
  • If Kris opens the fridge while an Egg in their inventory, they put it in the fridge without a prompt.
    • If Kris opens the fridge a second time with or without the Egg in their inventory, an egg still appears in the fridge. With the Egg, the narration mentions that there are "two Eggs inside the fridge."
  • The dialogue Asgore says when encountering Kris in the Flower Shop is exactly the same as the dialogue he says in Undertale when first encountering Frisk.

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