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The Annoying Dog is a returning character from Undertale. It is often regarded as an incarnation of Toby Fox himself.



The Annoying Dog is a small white dog, looking similar to the miniature eskimo breed. He often sports a smiling face.

Main Story[]


In Chapter 1, behind the locked door of the Library's computer lab, the Annoying Dog is writing a computer game, foreshadowing the events of Chapter 2, where most of the game takes place in the Cyber World.

Cyber City[]

The Annoying Dog rides on a cart, acting as a deterrent for a specific hallway past a section of traffic in the City. If Kris walks down said hallway, The Annoying Dog will charge at them and deal continuous collision damage until they are downed, and the Undertale Game Over will play out instead of the default one. Using debug mode to increase Kris's HP does not change the effect, as the death is scripted to occur. On this exclusive Game Over screen, the Annoying Dog then runs into the words in his cart, compressing them until they disappear. After that sequence, Kris respawns at the Dog Dumpster. The hallway in question does not lead to anything.


Queen hid a key under one of 48 platters in the dining hall. The only way to find it is by examining the platter on the table with the Annoying Dog hiding under. Afterward the dog and table blindly charge across the room with the party on top.


Altering save file data to certain inaccessible or nonexistent rooms (such as room 5), like in Undertale, can result in the Annoying Dog appearing upon game launch, and the game title changing to "DOGTARUNE." This is referred to as a "Dogcheck," named by the internal procedure for checking for that illogical state. If a dogcheck is triggered in Chapter 1, the dog is just seen sleeping. In Chapter 2, however, he drives his car across the screen and occasionally more (smaller) cars at varying speeds also appear (driven by smaller Annoying Dogs).

These screens can also be brought up by loading a save file made in the 2021 version of the game through the SURVEY_PROGRAM version.



  • It is implied that the Annoying Dog caused the traffic jam in Hometown at the start of Chapter 2[1] and the traffic jam in Cyber City.[2]
  • The game sometimes randomly fills Ralsei's Kindness slot in the Stats menu with "Dogness: 1" or Kris's empty "???" slots with "Dog:" and a picture of a sleeping dog.
  • Toby teased the Annoying Dog on a cart in a tweet 2 years before Chapter 2 released.[3]
  • The Dog's cart resembles a Cozy Coupe.
  • The DELTARUNE Chapter 1 Spoiler-Free Trailer contained many Annoying Dogs as censors.[4]


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