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Ambyu-Lance is an enemy encountered in Cyber City during Chapter 2. Sparing four of them Recruits them to Castle Town.



Ambyu-Lances resemble a humanoid robot with a cross symbol on the front, and a red and blue body resembling a pill. They have a syringe for a head, two angry yellow eyes on the front, and a police siren on the top. They also wield a reflex hammer.


Ambyu-Lances act like stereotypical police officers as they represent antivirus programs, and fight against Virovirokun as a result, since they represent computer viruses. They are very aggressive and use stereotypical doctor and police terminology in their dialogue. They do seem to have a soft side to them, remarking how sweet Noelle is if "Hospitality" is used when Noelle is in the party. Although hostile to Virovirokuns due to their inherently opposing nature, they are amicable enough to drink together.

Main Story[]

Chapter 2[]

Ambyu-Lances appear in Cyber City midway through the area, with two first seen patrolling a road in a circular fashion. Another can be seen chasing a Virovirokun later in the City, and finally two more can be found in Cyber City Heights, where Susie asks about showing off her ultimate healing ability. These Ambyu-Lances mock Susie's Ultimate Healing ability if she uses it in this battle.

In Battle[]

Appears With[]

  • Virovirokun
  • Poppup (Ch2 All Stars)


  • Crosses fly from the left. If a cross comes close to a purple arrow from one of Virovirokun's attacks, the cross will move directly towards the arrow and destroy it, then continue forward.
  • Ambulance cars drive up a road, with cacti appearing off the road moving downwards. Occasionally, an ambulance car with flaming tires appears. This ambulance car is faster and swerves around other ambulance cars sloppily.


  • Several conditions allow for Ambyu-Lance to be spared:
    • Hospitality increases mercy by 100% for all Ambyu-Lances.
    • Avoid increases mercy for all Ambyu-Lances (+100% if successful, +50% if failed).
    • GetHit increases mercy for all Ambyu-Lances (+100% if successful, nothing if failed).
    • S-Action, R-Action, or N-Action increases mercy by 50% for one Ambyu-Lance.
    • Sparing (when its name is not yellow) increases mercy by 20% for one Ambyu-Lance.
    • Using TakeCareX on Virovirokun while Ambyu-Lance is also present increases mercy by 50%.


  • You'll need TWO apples to stop ME! [Neutral]
  • Wee-woo-wee-woo! [Neutral]
  • Did you take your bullets today? [Neutral]
  • Have some free bullets! [Neutral]
  • Where there's a wee, there's a woo. [Neutral]
  • Hey! Virus! You've gotta pay! [Virovirokun present]
  • You showed that virus, wee-woo! [Virovirokun defeated]
  • This girl is so sweet... Let's give her free bullets! [Hospitality]
  • All in a day's work, wee-woo. [100% Mercy]
  • (That's the worst healing I've seen) [Ultimate Heal]
  • (Is she charging for that?) [Ultimate Heal]

Flavor Text[]

  • Ambyu-Lance beeps towards you! [Encounter]
  • Ambyu-Lances beeped towards you! [Encounter]
  • Ambyu-Lance and its pet appeared! [Encounter with ?]
  • Virovirokun and Ambyu-lance are fighting each other! [Encounter with Virovirokun]
  • If it doesn't find an accident, it'll make one! [Check]
  • Ambyu-Lance is sucking up coffee out of a tall glass. [Neutral]
  • Ambyu-Lance is making siren noises with its mouth. [Neutral]
  • Ambyu-Lance is comparing the battle to a dentist visit. [Neutral]
  • Smells like isopropyl. [Neutral]
  • Ambyu-Lance puts a clown nose on to make you comfortable. [Neutral]
  • Noelle acted warmly towards Ambyu-Lance! [Hospitality]
  • Noelle muttered absentmindedly about hospital tools! [Hospitality]
  • (Susie told you to avoid getting hit by the ambulances!) [Avoid]
  • (Ralsei encouraged you to get hit by the ambulances!) [GetHit]
  • Susie lies about how often she brushes and flosses! [S-Action]
  • Ralsei washes his hands for 60 seconds! [R-Action]
  • Noelle takes on and off her nurse hat really fast! [N-Action]


  • Ambyu-Lance is designed by the guest artist Samanthuel Louise Gillson Splendidland.[1]
  • In the Japanese localization, they are known as "Q-9," which is pronounced "kyūkyū" in Japanese, a play of word on "kyūkyūsha," meaning "ambulance."
  • Ambyu-Lance is capitalized as "Ambyu-lance" in the flavor text when fighting both a Virovirokun and an Ambyu-Lance.
  • In the game's code, Ambyu-Lance sprites are referred to as "Omawaroid," which is likely a play on the Japanese word for police officer, "omawari."
  • Ambyu-Lance comparing the battle to a dentist visit is possibly a reference to Asgore's dialogue preceding his battle in Undertale.
  • Their neutral text stating "You'll need TWO apples to stop ME!" is a reference to the phrase "an apple a day keeps the doctor away."
  • Besides "Check," Kris does not have a solo ACT versus this enemy. Instead, all of Kris's ACTs require someone else to perform. With either Ralsei or Susie, the ACTs feature the SOUL getting hit or dodging bullets instead.


  1. the characters i created were Ambyu-Lance, Poppup, The Hacker, and "Spinning Diskette NPC" btw! i did some of their pixel graphics too - @splendidland on Twitter, September 19, 2021.