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What? Wh-what am I watching on my phone?
It's schoolwork, of course. A... animated schoolwork... and...
H-hey, Kris, have you chosen a partner yet?

Alphys to Kris

Alphys is a returning character from Undertale. She is the teacher of Kris and other students including Susie.



Alphys is a yellow lizard-like monster with buck teeth. She can be seen with square glasses, a light green shirt, a green jacket, brown pants, and a red tie.


Alphys is a shy, nerdy monster who appears to try her best in guiding her students to succeed. She is often seen as a recluse like her depiction from Undertale and still retains her love for anime, notably "Mew Mew Kissy Cutie", as can be seen when checking her computer and the bulletin board in the Library. Alphys also shows a fondness for superhero comics and a television series called The Symptons, a reference to the American sitcom The Simpsons.

Main Story[]

Chapter 1[]

She is first seen in her classroom, discussing a group project until the arrivals of Kris and Susie, where she encourages Kris to find a partner. As they are both latecomers, she sends Kris and Susie to get chalk for her in a supply closet and is not seen until the end of the game. After returning, she can be found in a small alleyway, waiting for "MewMew" to come drink milk out of a saucer.

Chapter 2[]

Alphys expresses surprise when Kris arrives for class later than Susie before instructing the class to do some reading. She later remarks that Kris slept through the entire class, which is unusual, before sending them off to do their class project.

If Kris, while carrying the ball of stuff, ventures towards their classroom, they stumble upon Alphys having a conversation with Toriel about Kris's performance in school. Just as Toriel asks if Kris has been acting strange, Alphys notices Kris balancing the random items on their head. She turns back to Toriel and simply responds that Kris is normal.

At the end of the chapter when Kris and Susie are exploring Hometown, Alphys can be found to the left of the police station, near a crashed bike. Susie stops following Kris when nearing Alphys.

When talking to Alphys, she explains that the she had a bike accident at the police station. Undyne, who was involved in the accident, bought a Box of Heart Candy from Sans's shop and entrusts Kris with giving it to Alphys.

After interacting with the milk in the alleyway, Susie says how it magically refreshes overnight, implying that she is the one who drinks it.


  • In Deltarune, unlike in Undertale, Alphys has square glasses, inspired by Homestuck character John Egbert.[1]
  • Alphys has a screensaver of nature images and "two buff superheroes embracing."
  • Alphys's cat's name, "MewMew", refers to Alphys's favorite anime in Undertale; Mew Mew: Kissy Cutie.
    • Additionally, she admires Mew Mew: Kissy Cutie 2, unlike in Undertale, where she despises it deeply.
  • A picture of Everyman from Undertale can be seen in Alphys's alley drawn in graffiti in pink with its name next to it. As the Amalgamates presumably do not exist in the Deltarune universe due to Alphys's position as a school teacher rather than a royal scientist, it is unknown how or why anyone would be able to draw it.
  • Alphys and Undyne do not seem to know each other from before the events of Deltarune started, contrasting sharply with their relationship in Undertale.[2]
  • If Kris does not visit Alphys in Chapter 1, she has different dialogue at the start of Chapter 2. She expresses that she was worried after they "disappeared yesterday." After class, Alphys asks where Kris and Susie went, and receives no response. Alphys's dialogue implies she assumes Susie "troubled" them.[3]
  • The narration for checking Alphys's beaten bike mentions that it "might give a honk of despair." While it does not, this references the rusted bike in Undertale's Garbage Dump.

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