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We are Addisons! All we do is advertise!!


Addisons are a group of characters who appear in Cyber City. Some of them are also vendors.



Addisons are humanoid Darkners with polygonal head and body shapes, closed eyes, a long pointy nose, and a wide smile. Their body outlines are gray but their face details are outlined in black. They vary in color and head shape and can be found throughout Cyber City. They all appear to be wearing long-sleeved black V-neck shirts and bright green pants.


Addisons are upbeat and energetic; their dialogue lines almost always end in an exclamation point or two. They will constantly attempt to advertise various products to the party and pander to their customers' interests. However, they do seem capable of experiencing more complex emotions and deep thought, as indicated by their backstory with Spamton.

Main Story[]


After defeating Spamton NEO, Addisons talk about their history with Spamton. Spamton used to be like them, just "a little unlucky." He was less successful than the other salesmen and would often "shoot his mouth" about making it big every night at the same cyber grill. When Spamton grew desperate and received a certain phone call, he suddenly became extremely popular and the Addisons began to abandon him, jealous of his success. After Spamton's career continued to prosper, it suddenly ended as if whatever was helping him disappeared. One NPC says they went to check on him the day he was to be evicted from Queen's Mansion, only to find that he had disappeared as well. They only found a phone hanging off the handle, emitting only "garbage noise."

Chapter 2[]

Addisons are found standing in front of storefronts throughout Cyber City. They do not appear in battles. Some of the products they offer are unobtainable, but the party is able to purchase the Mannequin and Tea from them.

After Spamton's battle in the alley and returning from Queen's Mansion, interacting with some Addison NPCs gives dialogue of how they seem to know about Spamton from the past (or feign ignorance) and avoid further conversation.

Following the battle with Spamton NEO, they stand in the Trash Zone outside the way to Spamton's shop, recalling memories when they once hung out with, and eventually abandoned, Spamton throughout his career.

After returning from Cyber World, they can be seen selling free samples of the Dummy in Castle Town.

Snowgrave Route[]

After freezing every enemy along the way, only one Addison remains in Cyber City. When the Addison asks if Kris and Noelle are friends, if the "something else" option is selected, upon leaving the Addison offers to sell the Freeze Ring. However, the price is always 1 Dark Dollar more than the party has. If Noelle is repeatedly told to "Get it," the screen fades to black, after which the Addison disappears. It is implied the Addison is trapped inside the ring. The party then obtains the Freeze Ring.



  • We are Addisons! All we do is advertise!!
  • This is an advertisement too! (Advertisements now only $9.99!)
  • Don't like advertisements? Block ads for only $9.99!
  • Change your mind? Bring them back for only $9.99!
  • Ohhon!! Two young beings together on a school night...
  • Could I interest you in some brand new Dating Shoes...?
  • Ah, you two don't look together!
  • Can I interest you in some brand new Divorcing Shoes...?
  • Ah, you three look together! How about some marriage shoes? [If talked to with Susie and Ralsei in the party]
  • Welcome to Cyber Shoes II!
  • Free samples!! Would you like one!?
    • (You got a small shoe with a toothpick through it...) [Take]
    • You'll never get stronger without a daily dose of shoes!! [Don't]

Tea Vendor[]

  • This is the HOTTEST tea shop! HOT HOT HOT!! 50% off!
  • For $100, Choose your OWN flavor!!
  • OK!! Choose your OWN flavor!! [Buy]
  • Okay, here you go! [After selecting a flavor]
  • You lack the money or space to choose a flavor!! [If lacking money or storage space]
  • But if you don't choose a flavor, who will!?!? [No]

Mannequin Vendor[]

  • Clothing Store SALE! SALE!
  • We're selling this for 75% off! Only 300 Dark Dollars!
  • Great doing business with you!! [Buy]
  • You are lacking in space or money! [If lacking money or storage space]
  • Buy! Buy! Buy! We're sold out! Buy! [If talked to after purchasing Mannequin]

After Spamton Battle[]

  • Spamton? ... Haven't heard that name in a long time.
  • Spamton? ... We don't talk about that around here.
  • Spamton? ... No idea who you're talking about.

After Spamton NEO Battle[]

  • He was... Like the rest of us.
  • Just... a little unlucky.
  • For some reason, his products never seemed to hit...
  • ... and the Lightners never even looked his way.
  • ... Poor guy.
  • Night after night, when we all went to the same cyber grill,
  • He'd shoot his mouth about making it big someday.
  • "You just watch!"
  • "Someday,
  • I'm gonna be a big shot!"
  • He started to get a little desperate.
  • I heard he started looking for any way to become more popular.
  • Somehow, he made the right phone call, and found someone.
  • Or, was he... found BY someone?
  • They must have been helping him, because suddenly,
  • He was on the phone all the time...
  • Suddenly, he got really good at his job.
  • The clicks started piling up...
  • What? What did he do?
  • Why did HE deserve this?
  • We stopped going out with him.
  • I mean, wasn't he a big shot?
  • He didn't need us anymore, did he...?
  • Even so, he only got more and more successful.
  • He moved into a luxurious room in the Queen's mansion...
  • He started bragging about big TV deals, big cars, big commercials...
  • But then things started to crack.
  • It seems like whatever was helping him...
  • Disappeared.
  • His sales dropped to zero...
  • And everything came crashing down.
  • The day he was to be evicted from the Queen's mansion,
  • I went to his room to check on him...
  • But he wasn't there.
  • There was only a phone hanging off the handle.
  • He must've left in the middle of a conversation,
  • Because I could still hear someone on the other end...
  • But when I put the receiver to my ear...
  • There was nothing but garbage noise.

Freeze Ring Vendor (Snowgrave Route)[]

  • If you're something else, maybe a Dating Shoes isn't right...?
  • Maybe I could interest you in a FreezeRing?
  • C'mon, angel! You can't get stronger without good equipment!



  • The name "Addison" is likely a pun with the prefix "ad-", referring to their advertisement-centric role.
  • They appear in pop-ups created by Poppup during battle.
  • Although a yellow Addison is found facing away from the party in the Trash Zone, its front-facing sprite is not used in Chapter 2.
  • Addisons seem to bear some sort of connection to Spamton.
    • The colors used for the Addisons' sprites, as well as Spamton's, belong to the default color palette in Microsoft Paint.
    • Their long noses, single-colored bodies and black shirts are reminiscent of Spamton.
    • Spamton's dialogue is littered with ads, similar to Addisons albeit much more broken.
    • The Addisons knew and hung out with Spamton at some point, even stating that he was "like the rest of [them]."