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For the location of Jevil's prison, see Card Castle#??????.

?????? is the first area in the Closet Dark World that Kris encounters. It is filled with eyes painted on its walls, mysterious fluids, and entities referred to as "wobbly things" in the game files.

After completing the chapter once, Kris can be transported directly to ?????? by going back to bed after Toriel wakes them up. This action skips the school intro and continues the game from ??????.

Main Story[]

Chapter 1[]

After falling into the Dark World, Kris first wakes up in ??????, without Susie. They continue through the dark area. On the way, Kris encounters many holes leaking black liquid that are too dark to be described.

Although unnamed, Kris can see wobbly things and puffy blob-like entities along the paths of this area. Eventually, Kris encounters entities referred to as "evil wobbly things" in the game files with a red outline, which begin to shoot three harmful bullet circles at them.

At a certain point, Kris encounters two paths. One leads to the Eye Puzzle, and the other leads to a dead end containing a Glowshard.

The Eye Puzzle has three eyes displayed on the wall that Kris can blacken by pressing the buttons in the correct order. The easiest solution to this puzzle is simply Middle, Right. Kris solves the puzzle, summoning a glass pathway that allows them to proceed.

After Kris slides down a cliff, they enter an area filled with the puffy blob-like entities mentioned above. Interacting with the puffy creatures causes them to burst. As Kris moves through the area, a shadow traces Kris's vision, and they track it down to discover it was Susie. Susie is baffled and confused, and the two proceed further into the area.

Susie spots a spade-shaped person on top of a pillar, who begins to shoot spade-shaped bullets at the party. Kris and Susie run away, sliding down a long cliff to eventually reach Castle Town.

Chapter 2[]

When entering the School Closet, Kris and Susie get transported directly to Castle Town, making ?????? inaccessible.

After bringing the population of the Card Kingdom to Castle Town, Mr. Society can be seen at the bottom of the cliff leading to the area, and eventually going there by flying.


  • A SAVE point immediately following the "evil wobbly thing" area may describe "spores" under certain conditions. However, it is unclear whether this refers to the wobbly things themselves or their bullets.
  • In the Chapter 2 cutscene in which Ralsei explains The Roaring, the eye marks on one of the Titans are the same as those that appear in this area.