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For the location of Jevil's prison, see Card Castle#??????.

?????? is the first area in the Closet Dark World that Kris encounters in Chapter 1. It is filled with eyes depicted on its walls, and pitch black fluids. In this area, there are entities referred to as "wobbly things" in the game files, and puffy mound entities.

After completing the Chapter once, Kris can be transported directly to ?????? by going back to bed after Toriel wakes them up. This action skips the school intro and continues the game from ??????.

Main Story[]

Chapter 1[]

After falling into the Dark World, Kris wakes up in ?????? without Susie. They traverse a long pathway that leads east. Although unnamed, Kris can see "wobbly things" that emit a sound and move when bypassing them. At the end of the path, there are walls depicting eyes and holes leaking black liquid. These holes are too dark to be described.

Kris slides down the cliff, and notices a branching path. The east path has a wall depicting two eyes with black liquid leaking underneath. This leads to the Eye Puzzle. The south is a dead-end containing a Glowshard.

Continuing east, Kris treads another narrow path. Here, they find "evil wobbly things" with a red outline. These shoot three harmful bullet circles and causes the SOUL to be visible.

After dodging the bullets, Kris finds the Eye Puzzle. There are three eyes illustrated on the wall and holes with sparks underneath them. Kris can darken the eyes by interacting with the sparks in the correct order. The easiest solution is Middle, Right. Kris solves the puzzle, summoning a glass pathway that they can cross.

Kris slides down another cliff. At the bottom, they enter an area filled with the puffy mound entities. Interacting with one causes it to burst. As Kris explores the area, a shadow traces Kris's vision, and they track it down. Kris interacts with the far east mound, and discovers the silhouette was Susie. Susie is baffled and confused at their predicament, and the two venture further east.

Shortly after, Susie notices a spade-shaped person on top of a pillar. This person shoots spade-shaped bullets at them. Kris and Susie successfully dodge the descending spades, and slide down a long cliff. As they descend, Kris continues to be targeted by horizontal spade bullets. Eventually, they land near Castle Town.

Chapter 2[]

Upon entering the School Closet, Kris and Susie is transported to Castle Town instead. This makes ?????? inaccessible.

After bringing the Darkners of Card Kingdom to Castle Town, Mr. Society can be found at the bottom of the cliff. Once Kris interacts with him, he levitates to this area.


  • Lancer's silhouette can be seen atop the cliffs as Kris navigates the area.
  • The second SAVE Point has alternate text if Kris has 27 HP or less.[1] However, the previous area has only three "evil wobbly things" that each shoot a single set of three bullets, so Kris has to repeatedly enter the area to receive this much damage and the associated text.
    • It is unclear whether "spores" refers to the wobbly things themselves or their bullets.
  • Susie has alternate dialogue depending on what Kris does after they find her:
    • If Kris does not run, she remarks that they are "WAY too slow" before leaving.
    • If Kris runs, she assumes that they "wanna make it a race," and runs ahead.
    • If Kris backtracks west, Susie states, "You have NO idea where you're going," and leaves.
  • In the Chapter 2 cutscene in which Ralsei explains The Roaring, the eye marks on one of the Titans are the same as those that appear in this area.
  • In the Chapter 1 demo, the Wrist Protector can be found where Kris first enters this area. It can be obtained in a new game if ?????? was reached in under less than 8 minutes, or if Kris sleeps in their bed if Chapter 1 was already completed.
    • As of the Chapter 1&2 demo, this item cannot be obtained, as its function became a default feature.


  1. For some reason, you punished yourself with the spores. The light relieves you... (HP fully restored) - Second SAVE Point